Icon Payoff 368x48

Icon Payoff 368x48

Client Deliverables

Source image files

Tracking assets


Clients should submit a vehicle image at least the size of 348 x 148 to account for retina display on mobile devices.

Edmunds will resize and produce final units.

The final dimensions on the page will appear as follows:
Segment Page:

  • Icon Payoff: 368 x 48
    • 368 x 48 - Desktop & mobile display
    • Car image - 144x48


Vehicle jellybean must be Silver.

Vehicle jellybean must be side image.

Front or 3/4 vehicle image not allowed.

File Type

Static files only: JPG/GIF/PNG

Image must be high resolution on a transparent or white background.

HTML/Flash/SWF not accepted.

Rich Media, Animation, Expansion, Video, Audio not allowed.

File Size

20K max


Visit [OEM.com] (OEM URL - 14 characters max)
No other copy allowed. No exceptions.


Not supported.

Ad Labeling

Sponsored by


Not allowed

Click Strategy

Segment Icon Payoff may click out.

Click out must open a new tab or browser window.

Ad Serving

Site-served only

Client provides source files for Edmunds to first-party serve.

Third-Party serving is not supported


  • Client 1x1 impression pixel
  • Up to two additional tracking tags accepted.
  • Client click tracking tag (one total).


Assets will scale to display on mobile web and apps.

Creative Deadline

Assets must be provided no later than 10 business days prior to launch.


Icon Payoff - Desktop

Icon Payoff - Mobile