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Super fun little car!

Sam, 02/12/2018
SP23 Special Edition 4dr Sedan (2.3L 4cyl 5M)
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This car is super cute and so fun to drive. It has no problem getting up to speed, and at 201,000 miles it still has no issue. It gets a little louder at 90mph. I love going fast in it which may or may not be a good thing haha. It takes corners so well, and shifts super smoothly with the manual 5 speed. I bought it with 160,000 miles on it, and it was in nearly perfect condition then. I've repaired the normal parts like brakes, water pump, serpentine belt, and some front end stuff. The only bad thing I can say about it is I have almost put as much into it in repairs as I bought it for. Granted it is over 200,000 miles now, but none of the repairs have been major. I also have had an issue with headlights going out constantly. The plastic covers are very foggy too, so it is difficult to see at night. Besides those two things, I would drive my Mazda forever if I could! It gets decent gas mileage at 26 mpg, which I love! The seat warmers are amazing, bose speakers never let me down, and the 6 CD player is great. At this point, I just want to see how many miles it can go! I commute about an hour round trip per day, so the miles are accumulating quickly. I have faith in it :)

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All in the details

Ben MazdaSP, 11/18/2009
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I got my Mazda SP after spending months researching and test driving sport sedans from EVERY other manufacturer. I was very meticulous and demanding. I then knew exactly what I wanted: a charcoal Mazda3 S manual. It took me weeks to find and was floored when I did. Great car! Transmission is superior to all others that I drove. The interior is designed very well; you can tell a great deal of thought went into every detail on this car. This car feels as though it should be 2-3 times more expensive than it is. I don't ever feel that I have to drive somewhere, I GET to drive somewhere! I've had it for awhile and still love it.It's done great both in the hot summer and on snowy mountain passes.

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Work of Beauty!

Victor, 03/19/2010
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The Mazda3 is just a fun drive. It doesn't just get you from point A to point B, it makes you want to go to point B. while some might see that as a problem, i think the worst part about this car is that you just want to keep driving. A lot of the reviews you read online say that they don't like the engine noise when your accelerating. But i see this as a plus, since it only gets loud when your trying to go fast. The Mazda3 makes 120mph feel like 40 and handles like it to. Great car great buy, I'd recommend it to anyone.

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3 years of cross country driving

ellenmagellen, 06/09/2009
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Where should I begin? I think I've truly put my 2005 mazda3 hatchback to the test. I'm now 24 and I've put exactly 50,000 miles on my hatchie since 1-2006 packing up my life and somehow managing to get every box, bag and loose item into the back all 9 times; yes, I've lived a crazy past 3.5 years and yes I don't own any furniture hah and yes, this car is magical! I can't complain a second about my Mazda so far, have had no problems. I've kept up on my oil changes, got new tires last summer, and here I will now mention that I've put my hatchie through 3 brutal Michigan and Minnesota winters and the baby is still as good as new. I recommend the heck out of this car!

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Jason baltimore, 03/27/2005
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I was in the market For a new car i test drove a couple Then the Three Came along WOW i was very impressed the The ride resembles that of a BMW! Handles Very NICE Everything Is layed out were it should be my Mazda 3s is everything I wwas lookingfor in a car Thanks Mazda J

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