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You get what you pay for

youngun123, 01/29/2014
V8 4dr Sedan
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in the end it all comes down to how the car is maintained and taken care of. Mine, a 2000, gen1, maintained, documented since its purchase, two owners ago was good to see when purchasing the vehicle. Typically people only write a review on this website if they are very un satisfied and did not take care of the vehicle. Rarely does a middle of the road person or satisfied person write a review, ever. so far, 30,000 miles into the purchase of the vehicle (127k when i bought it, 157k now) no issues. Only basic oil changes, trans fluid, etc. If you use premium gas, your coils do not burn up and the engine will be fine. This perticular one has ran on premium since it was purchased.

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Fun Car, Stylish, not worth the Repairs

notsoavgcarguy, 10/15/2012
V8 4dr Sedan
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Where to start? I bought this car used back in 2008 with about 70,000 miles on it. I loved it when I bought it - excellent power, quick, superb handling, beautiful car inside and out. Then it started to drain my account. Once it hit 90,000 miles it started to fall apart. I had to replace the front ball joints, $1,000. Because it's a Jag with a Lincoln brand, you're paying for foreign parts along with extremely high labor due to its tight fit and weird part locations under the hood. You should know this up front. Coils and Valve Cover Gaskets ran me about $1,000. Air bag light was always on though I never bothered to have that checked out. I babied this car and it just took my money.

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Unless you make six figures...DON'T BUY

Procks55, 06/18/2010
V8 4dr Sedan
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I bought this when I was in my early twenties before I knew about researching a vehicle, now in my late twenties I know better. I understand vehicles come with some repairs however my list of repairs are ridiculous: Plugs, Coils and Valve cover gaskets replaced on both sides twice, new transmission, new alternator, two bad wheel bearings, bad ball joint, two window regulators (my fault) and my favorite feature is when it is super cold in our MN winters it doesn't like to start very much. What a joke, some of the things listed could pertain to my driving habits but not all of them. All in all unless you are a millionaire forget about it.

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I hope this review saves you from making the same mistake I did

dunndarryn, 11/28/2012
V8 4dr Sedan
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Don't buy this car if you have any kind of budget to live on. My mom bought my LS when it had 60k miles in 2006 and gave it to me in 2011 and I sold it in November 2012. It was beautiful for a while but as the miles stacked up, so did the problems. Between the money we both had to put into that car in repairs to keep it running, we paid for it at least 3 times. They are beautiful cars but they are problematic and expensive to fix. If you are dead set on getting an LS, get a Gen. 2 (2003-2006) with LOW miles and do your research before making a decision! I can't stress that enough.

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An American Success

reporter7, 02/11/2002
V8 4dr Sedan
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Although I've always been partial to european sports sedans, aside from a lack of "snob appeal" the LS V8 offers as much fun and more value than most of the offerings from across the pond. The drive train is faultless -- excellent power, silky smooth, and trouble-free. The ride/handling trade-off is well judged, and the balance possible with rear-wheel drive will be a revelation to those who have become accustomed to front-drivers.

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