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jcc2007, 10/10/2007
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My G35 RWD has auto tranny, premium pkg, but not the sport pkg. The car has been quite reliable. I like the supple ride, Bose stereo and Bluetooth feature. The keyless feature is a gimmick. If you drive it like a luxury car, it performs pretty well. However, if you want to drive it like the sports sedan as it claims to be, you may be disappointed like I am. The engine is loud and severely lacks low end torque, and the auto tranny is slow and jerky (among the worst I've experienced). Combined with slow (yet heavy) steering, soft suspension and crappy tires, the car is very unsatisfying to drive. On top of that, the gas mileage has been consistently worse than that of our mid-size SUV.

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rynkshermy, 03/15/2008
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Finaly found a great car. If you are thinking of buying one of these babys you wont be unhappy:) My wife and I both love it, FUN, comfortable, and has all the bells and whistles. Other than kicking it down with a lead foot, the car gets pretty good gas mileage, sometimes that's hard to do while driving;-)

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Love it

Truth, 05/16/2008
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I purchased my 2006 Sedan Dec. 2006 when the new models were about to be released. I got a really good deal. I came from a Honda accord so the extra power has been GREAT. The car looks great. When it first came out I know many people did not like the design of the sedan, but now it has grown into the current times and does not look dated. In fact I think it has sharper lines and looks more sporty than the current 2007/2008 Sedans. Yes not as fast and the interior is not as nice as the newer ones but it looks just as good IMO. I have a Pioneer AVIC Z2 Navigation system in the dash and i'm all set. Black on Black.

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A Driving Need

Wegs G35, 05/20/2008
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When it was time to buy a new car to replace my used Lexus GS300 I wanted the same luxury sport sedan qualities, but with the fun to drive aspect of a manual transmission. I looked at all the available cars in this class, Lexus, BMW, Cadillac and found that the G35 had the most to offer for the best value. And it's a kick to drive! I decided to get the 6MT with all the sport options (ground effects, tuned suspension, spoiler etc.) and I'm very happy with the car. We've taken 2000 mile trips and enjoy every minute. The car looks great from every angle and has performed flawlessly over two years.

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'06 G35 Coupe[Sport] 6MT- Power+Beauty+Luxury

Andy, 01/24/2020
2dr Coupe (3.5L 6cyl 6M)
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I bought my '06 G35 coupe in 2014 with 62k miles in beautiful condition. It is the Sport model with 298hp & a 6-speed manual transmission. Any buyer should know that this is essentially a Nissan 350Z (Infiniti is Nissan's upscale brand) with 2 rear seats, albeit tiny ones, a sleeker, gorgeous body design, tons more comfort/ luxury features, a traditional trunk instead of the Z's hatchback and a more powerful variant of the 3.5L V6- 298hp as opposed to the 280hp powerplant of the Z's & the non-"Sport" model/ automatic transmission G35 coupe. The G coupes come with ample leather interior, the most comfortable sport bucket seats I've ever sat in- complete with 8-way power adjustability & variable heat and lumbar functions, lots of beautiful brushed metal trim, an 11-speaker amplified Bose sound system with subwoofer, Bluetooth-equipped in-dash CD & satellite radio unit with voice control, power sliding moonroof, a really cool power-adjustable unified steering wheel/ gauge cluster that goes up & down plus telescoping of the red-stitched heated leather sport grip steering wheel, which has illuminated audio/ dash computer controls intuitively placed near your thumbs. The top-end models like mine have a [slightly outdated] DVD ROM-based navigation system that does something extremely cool: with the press of a button, a 7-inch color display rises up from inside the top center dash, an effect that still seems impressive 14 years later. Press the button again and the screen smoothly disappears back into the dash. It also tilts forward & backward, and the nav has voice guidance aiding the onscreen animated 3D map. The '06-'07 G coupes include much improved projector-type HID headlights along with some minor exterior/ interior updates [2007 was the final year model of this body style G, 2008 introduced the bigger, heavier, less streamlined- but slightly more powerful G37]. So, onto the performance! All G35 coupes are rear-wheel drive, which any proper sports car should be, and it's got a very well-balanced low-slung & stiff suspension which make the G35 Sport coupe a genuinely agile, precise and fun machine that handles the road at any speed better than any car I've owned including an E46 M3 coupe, Honda S2000, 1994 300ZX Twin-Turbo, and far superior to the 2004 G35 coupe I drove for 6 months [a non-Sport model]. And even in stock form with no engine mods, this car is very fast- the 298hp is sent to the rear wheels through a 6-speed manual transmission, and violently throws you back in the seat when launched properly from a stop. The "RevUp" 3.5L V6 really starts to scream and throw power at the pavement in the mid-to-high RPM's and with skillful shifting & clutching, keeping the tachometer in the 4000-6000RPM powerband up through the gears it's like a fighter jet, and 6th-to-3rd downshifts will whip it from 70-120mph in a blink. "S" models come with a limited-slip differential, which dramatically increases the amount of torque delivered to the rear wheels, overall performance, handling, and generally rock solid driving experience in comparison to the 2004 base model G35 coupe I'd borrowed a year or so before buying my black candy coupe '06 G35/ Sport. The factory wheels are 19" - very big for such a low car that's approximately the size of a 2-door Honda Accord, and they look killer. The aesthetic is also enhanced by the dual polished steel exhaust pipes- they're rather large & very shiny [if you keep them clean, which literally takes 1 minute every 5 days...] mean-looking taillights and deeply swept lines forming a menacing yet sexy, rakish, timeless shape. It has all the amenities and it's thrilling- "fun" is way too weak a description of the G35/S coupe driving experience. $14-17,000 will get you a super clean, near-flawless '06 or '07 Sport with low miles, clean title, everything working etc. It took a few weeks for me to find exactly that but also black with black leather and a MANUAL TRANSMISSION. Now 5 years later it is still nearly flawless- I did have to replace the entire manual trans & clutch last year however, but it was the fault of someone else who tried to sneak a drive in my car when I was out, but did not know how to drive stick, and yet he was determined to drive 40 miles to cross the border, into Tijuana, Mexico because dude reeeally needed more cocaine & had a date with a TJ Hooker. Point is, you should really treat yourself to one of these gorgeous bargain luxury rockets. It'll make you feel like, a cross between Batman, and John Wick Oh almost forgot: 22/ 19mpg [highway/ city streets]

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