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2019 Hyundai Ioniq Electric Consumer Reviews

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2019 Hyundai Ioniq Electric 4dr Hatchback (electric 1DD)


My real apprehension was the mileage between charges because car sticker says 128 MPGe but after 3 weeks of use my full charge rate is at 148 miles. Plus there's a lot of public charging station so no more range anxiety. three apps to download and you can find one near you. The car has a charger station locator too. It has 3 regen level with level 3 braking and regenerating higher which I use a lot since it adds more to my battery. the ABS worked really good too. For a $30,700 car (before fed and state rebates) the interior materials are okay. Acceleration in the sport mode peels off the tires so be aware. Gets to freeway speed real fast, Infotainment is adequate, Base model has no GPS but bluetooth enabled and its Android Auto connectivity is set to automatic and actually shows the map on its 7 inch screen. I also like the door handle lights when you approach the vehicle. I love everything about it so far. Kudos to Hyundai.

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