2009 Hyundai Genesis Long Term Road Test - Performance

2009 Hyundai Genesis Long-Term Road Test

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2009 Hyundai Genesis: Feels Good At 124 MPH

November 26, 2009


Yeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw...Happy Thanksgiving.

This year I give thanks for the high speed stability of our long-term Hyundai Genesis (it had plenty left in it). I also give thanks to our professional driver and the closed course in which this speed was achieved.

An now it is turkey time.

Scott Oldham, Edmunds.com Editor in Chief @ 20,799 miles

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2009 Hyundai Genesis: Braking

November 18, 2009


While driving home last night I had to come to a rather sudden stop as some jerk flew into the lane in front of me from a driveway without looking, no turn signal, and no clue that there could be anyone else on the road.

Luckily, one of us was paying attention and the Hyundai Genesis has a good set of brakes and tires.

The disc brakes in the Genesis stopped the car quickly and the 18-inch Dunlops that came with the Premium package helped keep the car straight.

Of course, the mindless wonder didn't even notice that he almost caused an accident. He just continued on his merry way. Ignorance is bliss.

Donna DeRosa, Managing Editor

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2009 Hyundai Genesis: From the Drivers Seat

November 17, 2009

2009 Hyundai Genesis cockpit.jpg

We ran the Genesis down to San Diego and back this weekend with a trunk loaded with gifts for babies both recently and soon to be born. The gaping trunk probably could have held a whole orphanage full of toys, something to note with holiday shopping season right around the corner. With nearly 20K on the clock, I was curious to see how the ride quality of the Genesis was holding up from the driver's perspective.

From the highly adjustable pilots seat, things remain pretty rosy. After our dog-years mileage run up, impact harshness has increased just perceptibly, which is common on any machine as bushings age. The Genesis still rolls down the superslab with the best of them, eating interstate for breakfast, and floating in the kind of muted aplomb that makes it easy to wander over the posted limit. Cruise-control is most useful as a license-friendly speed limiter.

Most impressive still is the sophisticated feel of the rear suspension. The Genesis loves long, fast sweepers, and rear-wheel-drive means undiluted feedback through the mildly over-boosted but accurate steering. The aft suspension cuts through a veneer of puff to reveal some deftly controlled travel, and like the best multi-link setups, you can sense the 18-inch wheels working in the wells with little disruption to your line or heading. After decades of front-wheel-drive proliferation, the Genesis is a sweet reminder of why we like rear-wheel drive so much.

The V6 continues to feel strong and is remarkably smooth while cruising. Just off idle around town, when ambling between stop signs, the V6 is starting to sound a little gruff, almost as if it was in need of better gas, but this is the sole aural clue to its rapidly advancing mileage. Though it does not pull up top as hard as the V8, most will be perfectly happy with this snappy V6.

One of my few early gripes with the Genesis when it was showroom new was the quality of the seat leather, which I found to be a bit rubbery, and poor for ventilation even by tanned-hide standards. I was impressed when I heard that one of the few updates for the 2010 Genesis was the "ultra-premium" leather on all V8 models and V6 trims with the premium, nav or tech packages. Having said that, now that we've thoroughly broken in the seats, they seem fine and are even wearing pretty well.

A bargain from the sales floor, as Genesis sedans starts hitting the used market with a fat chunk of a decade warranty intact, you'll be looking an even stronger value.

Paul Seredynski, Executive Editor @ 19,858 miles

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2009 Hyundai Genesis V6: Can it take down the Acura TL?

August 25, 2009

09.hyundai.genesis front 3 4.jpg

I spent this past weekend with a loaded front-drive Acura TL with Tech package. Although it's more of a sport sedan, it matches nearly straight-up with our long-term Hyundai Genesis V6.
Our TL rang up at just $550 less than the Genesis' $40K MSRP.

How do they compare?

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2009 Hyundai Genesis V6: 10 Things

August 18, 2009


It's time for 10 Things I Like About You: Hyundai Genesis Edition

1. quiet, peaceful interior
2. smooth upshifts
3. strong brakes
4. being a passenger sometimes (the rear seats are really comfortable)
5. how it handles my iPod
6. cool-toned courtesy lights when I shut off the car
7. its V6 is more than sufficient, don't need to drop money on the V8
8. roomy, easily accessible trunk
9. cushioned, leather-wrapped dash
10. can comfortably fit 5 adults

Have anything to add to this list?

Donna DeRosa, Managing Editor

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2009 Hyundai Genesis V6: Yeah, It's Just a Car, But It's a Good Car

July 21, 2009


During my first 15 minutes with our 2009 Hyundai Genesis V6, I decided it was just a rear-drive evolution of our long-term Hyundai Azera. Melt-in-your-mouth ride quality? Check. Light, overboosted steering? Check. Hyperactive throttle response from 3.8-liter V6 at tip-in? Check.

Then, I accelerated up to speed on the freeway and realized I had it all wrong. Our Genesis is about 10 times more refined than the Azera, and like the Genesis Coupe, it gives the impression that Hyundai has turned a corner in vehicle dynamics. The more I drive it, the more I like it.

To start, the six-speed Aisin automatic transmission Hyundai uses on the V6 model is quite good. It upshifts smoothly under heavy throttle and downshifts promptly in passing situations. It all happens so unobtrusively, that I just can't imagine wanting any other engine in this car. Two-hundred-ninety horsepower is plenty. I can't really hear the V6 and I'm fine with that. A loud exhaust note wouldn't make sense in a Genesis sedan.

Then, there's the chassis tuning. This Genesis feels a lot more sophisticated than the Azera ever did. I notice it accelerating out of a long, sweeping entrance ramp. Body motion is well controlled, and the steering, although not especially communicative, is very precise.

Later in the weekend, I notice that I'm having an easy time parking the car. And I think it's the accurate steering combined with a good driving position that makes it easy to get a feel for the car's perimeter.

Back on the freeway, the ride remains soft and forgiving, but the choppiness you sometimes get in the Azera over rain-grooved sections and seams in the concrete has been banished. The Genesis just rides well -- wherever it is.

Noting my enthusiasm for the long-term Genesis, a friend commented, "I like how it's just a car. It's not trying to look overly trendy or high-brow."

And I like how that ethic carries into the driving experience.

Erin Riches, Senior Editor @ 10,980 miles

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2009 Hyundai Genesis & 2009 BMW 750i: Face-Off!

April 13, 2009

Hyundai Genesis and BMW 750i

You asked for it, and now we deliver ... sorta. The Hyundai Genesis has been compared to several full-size luxury sedans like the BMW 750i because of its impressive performance, enormous interior and generous feature content. Of course, it wears the humble badge of a once laughable car company and costs exponentially less than the Bimmer.

This week's Face-Off over on the Edmunds Daily blogs pits these two cars and their wealthy potential owners against each other. You can decide who/which wins.

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2009 Hyundai Genesis V6: Track Tested

April 03, 2009


The 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe has been getting all of the attention lately. What with its good looks, compact size and G37esque-for-less performance, it's no real surprise.

But we don't have one around anymore so we brought our Long Term 2009 Hyundai Genesis V6 out to the track for our usual battery of performance tests including 0-60, quarter-mile, 60-0 braking, slalom and skidpad. Follow the jump for full specs and testing data.

Vehicle: 2009 Hyundai Genesis V6
Odometer: 5,508
Date: 03/31/09
Driver: Josh Jacquot

Price: $40,000

Drive Type: Rear-wheel drive
Transmission Type: 6-speed automatic
Engine Type: V6
Displacement (cc / cu-in): 3,778cc (231cu-in)
Redline (rpm): 6,750
Horsepower (hp @ rpm): 290 @ 6,000
Torque (lb-ft @ rpm): 264 @ 3,500
Brake Type (front): Ventilated disc
Brake Type (rear): Disc
Steering System: Speed-proportional power steering
Suspension Type (front): Multi-link
Suspension Type (rear): Multi-link
Tire Size (front): P235/50R18
Tire Size (rear): P235/50R18
Tire Brand: Dunlop
Tire Model: SP Sport 5000 M
Tire Type: All-season
Wheel Size: 18 front -- 18 rear
Wheel Material (front/rear): Alloy
As tested Curb Weight (lb): 3,864

Test Results:
0 - 30 (sec): 2.3
0 - 45 (sec): 4.1
0 - 60 (sec): 6.2
0 - 75 (sec): 9.0
1/4 Mile (sec @ mph): 14.4 @ 96.5 (14.5 @ 96.2 w/ traction control enabled)
0-60 with 1-ft Rollout (sec): 5.9 (6.0 w / traction control enabled)
30 - 0 (ft): 29
60 - 0 (ft): 115
Braking Rating: Good
Slalom (mph): 63.9 ( 61.7 w / traction control enabled)
Skid Pad Lateral acceleration (g): 0.84 ( 0.84 w / traction control enabled )
Handling Rating: Good
Db @ Idle: 49.9
Db @ Full Throttle: 74.0
Db @ 70 mph Cruise: 66.4

Acceleration Comments: Best run w/ traction off: power brake to about 2,000 rpm then release brake and wood the throttle in "d." No manual shifting. Right rear wheel spinds but only minimally. Shifts arrive near redline.

Braking Comments: Stops were consistent and pedal feel good. Did get some minor pedal fade later during accel testing, however.

Handling Comments: (Skid pad) Good stability control calibration. Follows steering inputs closely and doesn't punish overshoots with too much throttle intervention. Decent body control for a car this comfortable. (Slalom) Stability off = longer leash but not truly off. Smooth steering inputs keep the stab control at bay here. Otherwise it will punish with heavy brake / throttle interference. Otherwise, predictable, stable and easy to place. Good for a car this big / heavy.

Mike Magrath, Vehicle Testing Assistant

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