Monthly Update for September 2017 - 2017 Honda CR-V Long-Term Road Test

2017 Honda CR-V: Update for September 2017

by Mark Takahashi, Senior Writer

Where Did We Drive It?
We're halfway through our yearlong long-term test of the 2017 Honda CR-V, and it's looking as if we'll easily reach our 20,000-mile goal by March. For a good chunk of September, it was on family duty with Senior Automotive Editor Brent Romans in central California. For the rest of the time, it was tackling the daily commute in L.A.

What Kind of Fuel Economy Did It Get?
Over the 2,139 miles we logged in September, we filled the tank with 72.5 gallons of fuel. That calculates to a monthly average of 29.5 mpg. That increased our lifetime average another 0.4 mpg, but we're still not even getting the EPA's estimated city mileage. Our best range and fuel economy out of a single tank remain unchanged, however.

Average lifetime mpg: 27.4
EPA mpg rating: 30 combined (28 city/34 highway)
Best fill mpg: 38.9
Best range: 425.5 miles
Current odometer: 12,624 miles

Maintenance and Upkeep

Logbook Highlights
"Our CR-V's turbocharged 1.5-liter engine and CVT have received some mixed opinions so far. I can see why some of my co-workers have complained that it's slow to wake up. Personally, I think the powertrain's responsiveness in Drive is just fine. Maybe I just drive more sedately than them. Regardless, I think this engine's mix of strong power and high fuel economy is ideal. It builds speed quickly when you need it to — better than any normal or base engine in a small crossover — yet still gets high fuel economy." — Brent Romans, senior automotive editor

2017 Honda CR-V

"Our long-term CR-V rides smoothly on the highway. The suspension and tires are able to soak up most bumps and ruts without disturbing you or your passengers. The tuning seems about right, too. It's not overly soft or wallowly. There's enough control should you need to turn quickly." — Brent Romans

2017 Honda CR-V

"The brake hold feature is more commonly found on luxury vehicles instead of small crossovers, but our CR-V has it. You activate it by pushing a button that's next to the gear shifter. Once done, you no longer need to keep your foot on the brake when you're at at stop. The CR-V holds the brakes for you. When you press on the gas, the brakes release automatically. It's far from being a must-have feature, but nonetheless I've found the extra rest I can give my right foot in heavy city traffic is appealing." — Brent Romans

"I had the opportunity to cram one of my 6-foot-6 cousins in the back seat of our CR-V. Entry and egress were a little tight, but once he was in he had plenty of room. We didn't even have to move the front seat forward. It's a testament to the CR-V's boxy shape and smart design that this compact SUV can comfortably accommodate a larger than average adult in back. " — Will Kaufman, associate automotive editor

2017 Honda CR-V

"I take my two young children to school every morning and have noticed that our CR-V is kid-friendly when it comes to getting in and out quickly. Here are a few reasons why: 1) The rear doors are light, so kids can easily open and close them. 2) The door openings are wide and step-in height is agreeable; younger children won't likely need help. 3) The seat-belt anchor and buckle spacing for the two outboard positions is wide, so kids should have little trouble buckling up in booster seats (or parents getting child safety seats strapped in). 4) There's plenty of legroom, which opens up more space to get in or out, even when they're holding backpacks." — Brent Romans

2017 Honda CR-V

"I recently wrote an article listing some features that parents should look for in a new vehicle. One of them was rear-seat USB charging ports. It's nice to see that our CR-V has two of them. They're the 2.5-amp style, so they'll be good for tablets. With the exception of the base LX trim level, every CR-V comes with them as standard." — Brent Romans

2017 Honda CR-V

"A volume knob — what an innovative idea! Honda's latest infotainment system, as featured in our long-term CR-V, now has one. Previously, Honda just gave you a virtual slider for controlling audio volume, which none of us liked. So, that's the good news. Unfortunately, the rest of the system is the same. The more I drive our CR-V, the more Honda's menu design annoys me. The graphics look dated, responses are slow, and many of the virtual control buttons are too small. Having Apple CarPlay or Android Auto helps out considerably since they operate on their own software system. But, as we've noted in a couple recent updates, we've had some problems with these systems, too. Plus, not everyone owns a compatible phone." — Brent Romans

"The CR-V's cargo area behind its second-row seats is impressively large. The spec sheet says there's 39.2 cubic feet available. In real-world use, I've just found that there's plenty of space for grocery bags and whatever else you plan to put back there. I also like the low liftover height and the small lip at the back of the cargo floor. The lip keeps items from sliding or rolling out if you've parked the CR-V on an incline and open up the liftgate." — Brent Romans

2017 Honda CR-V

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