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2017 Honda CR-V: Altering Memory Settings for Multiple Drivers

by Cameron Rogers, Associate Editor

2017 Honda CR-V

One of the features added to the 2017 Honda CR-V when you upgrade from the EX to the EX-L trim level is seat-position memory settings. It allows you to set the driver seat just right and assign it to one of the two memory buttons for easy recall in the event it gets moved by someone else.

The CR-V also has what it calls "Memory Position Link" enabled by default. This feature ties memory settings to the key fob. In a nutshell, if you use Key 1, the seat settings are tied to memory button 1 and the seat automatically adjusts to those settings when you unlock the car. A secondary driver has Key 2 and does the same thing with memory button 2.

The problem arises when you have a third driver. That person enters the car, gets the driver seat positioned just so and leaves. Upon reentry, the seat moves back to the position tied to the key. With our staff of 20-plus drivers, that means nearly everyone will come back to the CR-V and curse the gods because they forgot to alter the memory settings. I took it upon myself to disable the feature to mitigate future aggravation. Here's how to do it.

From the CR-V's home screen, tap "Settings," then "Vehicle," "Driving Position Setup," "Memory Position Link" and finally "Off." If you've got more than two drivers in the house, do this for your sake and theirs. It'll prevent the third (and fourth) driver from constantly making adjustments throughout the day or from overriding your settings in frustration. It's not difficult to push the memory button manually when you open the door.

Cameron Rogers, Associate Editor @ 4,398 miles

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