Voyage to Vegas Notes - 2009 Ford Flex Limited Long-Term Road Test

2009 Ford Flex Limited: Voyage to Vegas Notes

February 05, 2010

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Despite the fact that our Flex has racked up nearly 50,000 miles, I had yet to spend any real quality time in it. That changed this week when I took it to Vegas, about a 600-mile round trip from my house in greater L.A. I averaged 22.4 mpg with the drive being mostly open freeway cruising running between 70-80 mph.

Herewith are some random cheers and jeers I had for this Ford, some of which you may have already seen noted by my colleagues.


-- Great seats: Plush, wide and yet supportive enough for a four-hour stint.

-- Nav system: Easy to use and clear graphics too.

-- Sync system: Easy hook-up to my phone, a voice recognition system that knows what I'm saying, and a cool weather forecast function.

-- Awesome highway cruiser. With the speed limit being 75 over much of the ride, I just set the cruise at 80. With the engine loafing along at 2000 rpm, the low levels of road and wind noise and the lack of vibration, it felt like we were going more like 50.

-- Capless fuel filler. I was surprised by how much I appreciated this feature which eliminates the minor steps of removing and replacing a fuel cap. Didn't think I was that lazy!

-- Plenty of cubbies for snacks, cell phone and wallet.


-- Nav system Traffic: Showed the freeway (yes the portion I was on) as 'green' when it should've shown 'red' -- it was very slow-moving traffic for a few miles.

-- The cruise control: The buttons are all the same, so you have to glance at them to operate the system, and there's no 'cancel' mode.

As you can see, there's plenty good and not much bad to say about the Flex. Now I know why this car is so popular with the staff for road trips.

I did not see the Flock of Seagulls. The sign caught my eye so I had to shoot it as proof that, nearly three decades later, The Flock are still milking their crowd pleaser: 'I Ran'. Besides, I'll take 'Space Age Love Song' over I Ran any day.

John DiPietro, Automotive Editor @ 46,921 miles

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