Cramming It Full - 2009 Ford Flex Limited Long-Term Road Test

2009 Ford Flex Long Term Road Test

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2009 Ford Flex Limited: Cramming It Full

May 04, 2009

creek crossing.jpg

Here's a shot of the Flex navigating a sissy creek crossing at the Hurkey Creek campground near Idyllwild, California. This was just one chapter in another family hauling adventure for the Flex last weekend. And, once again, the Jacquot family pushed the limits on how much crap can be jammed into a family hauler.

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This level of detail might seem like minutiae, but the sheer volume of crap required for a one-day bike race with the family is truly astounding. And packing it all was no picnic, but the Flex treated us right. The photo shows how it looks packed and strapped for travel. Here's how it breaks down:

29-inch wheel mountain bike (yes, it's in there)

Super Stroller (with three 26-inch wheels)

World's largest convertible baby seat



Two grocery bags filled with food

170 ounces of water

Two camping chairs

Wife (with ridiculous cowboy hat)

Two helmets

One full cycling gear bag

Multiple moving blankets

Two spare 29-inch tires

Two spare tubes

Three CO2 inflators

Diaper bag

Lunch box for the baby

Snuzzler (don't ask)

Hydration pack

Miscellaneous crap to keep the kid happy and alive


Josh Jacquot, Senior road test editor at about 22,550 miles

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