Country Squire Package - 2009 Ford Flex Long-Term Road Test

2009 Ford Flex: Country Squire Package

April 01, 2009

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Taking a page from Mini Cooper and their Mini Motoring Graphics kits, Ford Motor Company announced a similar product for their 2009 Ford Flex.

We've installed a sneak-peek sample on our 2009 Ford Flex long-term test car. The Country Squire Graphics Package, as it's formally called, will be available as a dealer accessory at the beginning of June.

Richard Duschene, senior product planner and strategist for Ford's car division, explained it this way:

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'Troubled times call for a back-to-basics approach. We've studied what worked for us in the past, back in the pre-SUV days. What we found was the pinnacle of our popularity among families and the middle class occurred when we were making a lot of station wagons, particularly Country Squire station wagons.'

'We thought for awhile that we could sell the Flex as a crossover, whatever that is. But our customers have been telling us that we're not fooling anyone. The Flex isn't a minivan, and it isn't an SUV. What's left, then, is station wagon. And that's OK.'

'It's so OK, in fact, that we decided to go all-in and put the Flex 'back in the crate', if you will. If customer response is as strong as we think it's going to be, you might see the Country Squire come back as a factory-installed production option.'

'Frankly, that thought gives a lot of folks here at Ford a woodie.'

Dan Edmunds, Director of Vehicle Testing @ 21,824 miles

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