2012 Ford Explorer - Edmunds Ratings

2012 Ford Explorer XLT (3.5L V6 AWD 6-speed Automatic)
Date Driven: 12/28/2010 (2011 XLT AWD)
Performance No one will call the 2011 Ford Explorer peppy, but with an 8.1-second 0-60 time, it's not slow either. Slightly sluggish from a get-go, but once rolling, acceptable.
Driving Dynamics The 2011 Ford Explorer is a quiet, near-luxury crossover and it handles as such. There's no sport in this utility.
Ride Comfort Very good ride, smooth over broken pavement and during light off-roading. Not floaty or bouncy -- just smooth.
Quietness Superlatively quiet. Should come with a speed warning because you find yourself driving faster than you realize. Highway drives are nearly silent.
Ergonomics MyFordTouch complicates, confuses, slows down and otherwise tarnishes an easy-to-use package.
Visibility Backup sensors and cameras are necessary and still driving in reverse is a bit of a guessing game. No ability to judge height out the rear. Front corners obscured by wide, rounded hood.
Seat Access & Space The 2011 Explorer is built for Americans and thus the seats are big, easy to get into and comfortable. Ingress/egress isn't a problem with this crossover.
Cargo & Storage At 81 cubic feet of max cargo room, the Explorer has slightly less space than some competitors, but still, 81 cubic feet is a decent amount of space.
Build Quality Build quality is solid all around with good materials and consistent panel gaps.

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