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2015 Chevrolet Tahoe Video Review

  • This Chevrolet Tahoe video review includes information about pricing, fuel economy, towing capacity, interior space and special features like Chevy MyLink. For more information, read the 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe review.

    The redesigned Chevy Tahoe has a nicer interior, more technology and fold-flat rear seats, but it remains a truck-based SUV that isn't really ideal if you're just looking for a family vehicle with seven or more seats.

    Here's why. Yes, it has a third row, but there's really not that much space. Yes, it now folds flat - and can't be stolen - but the load floor is incredibly high. It's much easier carrying people and their stuff in a big crossover like Chevy's own Traverse.

    Another reason is the driving experience. There's no hiding that this is a big, heavy truck - you feel it when going around a corner, trying to park, or when the body shimmies a bit over bumps. This is far more civilized than the SUVs of old, but crossovers are better and easier to drive.

    However, if you need to tow, the Tahoe and its 5.3-liter 355-horsepower V8 should be on your radar. Properly equipped, it tows a max of 8,600 pounds - the Traverse manages only 5,200.

    Of course, if you need passenger and cargo space and towing capacity, the bigger Suburban is a better bet. It received the same improvements as the otherwise identical Tahoe.

    Chief amongst those is the interior. This is a genuinely high-end cabin that looks and feels nothing like a truck. Materials are top notch, the MyLink electronics interface is generally user-friendly, and there is a ton of available features. There are up to six USB ports, you can get a Blu-ray player for the backseat and more importantly, there are a variety of advanced safety warning systems.

    This new Tahoe is a stronger contender in a dwindling group of competitors. In general, though, we think you'd be better served by one of Chevy's other big family vehicles - the more civilized Traverse or the even more capable Suburban.

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