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Almost no problems; 2008 Silverado Reg cab, LB 4wd

C. Henry, 11/28/2015
LT1 2dr Regular Cab 4WD 8 ft. LB (4.8L 8cyl 4A)
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Had to list this as a LT regular cab long bed, 4 wd. Actually is an LS, which in 2008, was just a Work Truck with a chromed front bumper and chromed steel wheels. Mine also has "Trailering equipment package", which is the same as "Towing package" without the locking G80 rear differential. It has the 4.8 with 4 speed auto. No power windows, no power locks, no cruise control, no power mirrors. Has A/C. The 4.8, thankfully, did not have the variable cylinder engine until a few years later. Then the 4.8 was dropped entirely. I purchased it new in Sept., 2008 at the old GM's fire sales. Truck was made the last week of 2008 production in June 2008. At their best plant at the time, Ft. Wayne. It has very dependable with almost no problems I do all maintenance on it. No rattles or squeaks at 65k. Currently at 65k miles. It has seen all sort of use from heavy urban gridlock to local country roads to Freeway use. I changed out all fluids between 50k and 60k miles. Brake, coolant, transmission, front differential, rear differential, and transfer case fluids. This year, at 62k miles, I replaced the front and rear brake rotors , drums, pads and shoes. The rear drum shoes were almost done, but the front pads could have gone another 10k. Engine consumes almost no oil between 4k to 5k oil changes. Non wear items replaced since new: --Rear shocks were shot at about 40k. Replaced with KYB gas-adjust mono tubes which are great and match the front strut valving well. --Turn signal clicker not audible at 50k. Sound for TS comes from left speaker. Unbelievably cheap paper door speakers replaced with cheap Pioneer speakers. --All good. ( common problem). That's it! I attribute the good reliability my Silverado has had to the fact it doesn't have the things that frequently cause trouble on the GMT's. --No cylinder deactivation on the 4.8 in that era. No piston ring/oil consumption or camshaft problems because of that. --No power locks or power windows which cause many problems. --No Eaton G80 locker rear differential which some people have experienced failure with. With manual shifted 4wd and an open rear axle I have had no trouble --making it through even heavy snow. Due to the lack of any power accessories and being a regular cab, the truck is fairly light. I believe this 4.8 can easily match or beat the ubiquitous 5.3 with extended or crew cab 1500 in acceleration. It has a very wide turning circle, but the use of rack and pinion steering starting in 2007.5 makes it pleasurable truck to drive. Gas mileage is not so good. When I commuted to work, with a total mix of driving, I averaged about 15.5 mpg. Mostly local roads and shorter trips now. I seldom see more than 14 mpg. It will still do 17 to 18 mpg on infrequent Interstate highway runs. No mileage bonus with the 4.8 over the 5.3. Used buyers may like to know that GM in 2008 and post bankruptcy, 2009 made up different equipment packages that did not exist in catalogs. You may get something that shouldn't have been on your truck ( sometimes heated power mirrors on an LS trim) or not get something that should have been included.

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A REAL review of the Chevy Silverado

afmatt212, 04/02/2012
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First off i have to address some of the reviews on the silverado. I keep reading reviews that say things like " transmission sucks" and "truck wont last over 60k!!" really people!?! I am a aircraft mechanic and have a long understanding of how engines and machines run. I own a 2008 chevy 1500 Z71 and have had ZERO issues with the vehicle, and you know why? Its simple.. buy a service manual and follow the maintance schedule!!! Change fluids and insert some grease here and there and i can almost promise you will have zero maintance failures! I love how people think you can just drive a truck into the ground and it will last. Now on to the details about my chevy!

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Stay away from 5.3L AFM engines!

GM_Blaine, 06/07/2012
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I've always purchases only GM vehicles. The latest purchase turned out to be my worst car-ownership experience. The subject truck has an apparent defect that caused carbeurization in cyclinders, sticking rings and incredible oil consumption. The vehicle was back and forth to the dealer for 12 months before I threatened legal action and finally got a warranty piston and ring replacement. The engine had just 60,000 miles at the time of the repair. I have not been able to use this vehicle as i had hoped and I have to look now to trade it in before the rings gum up again in 40,000 miles. GM refused to acknowledge any kind of problem for 12 months!

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d04, 03/28/2012
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We have had numerous problems with our 2008 Chevy Silverado that we purchased new and has low miles. One of the problems is power lock failure. Recently the passenger side quit working, but since we are out of our warranty, GM would not cover the cost. However, after speaking with several people from GM I found that they will do a voluntary recall if they get enough complaints from the consumer about this issue. Even if you have already paid to have this problem fixed in the past, please call 866-790-5600 [non-permissible content removed] to let them know of the problem and maybe we can get them to do the voluntary recall so consumers can get reimbursed for the repair costs.

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Not exactly what I expected it to be.

onesix, 02/06/2012
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I bought my truck slightly used in the summer of '09 with 22K on the dash. I have 86K now. Last summer at 65K my transmission went out on me. And my only indicator was that at highway speeds the RPM's would jump up about 1500 and back down speratically for about a week before it locked up on me on the service road of a busy freeway. Had to drive it in reverse half a mile to a gas station to park it. Also, there have been electrical issues with the drivers side lock not locking when I press the remote and window switches not working. Oh, and I'm on my 2nd battery already. Can't figure that one out. Stabilitrak disengages at times. Looking to get out of it already.

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