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Nothing more reliable

Gilbo, 12/31/2002
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I find it amusing when I look at some auto ads, where the seller states "lots of new parts". My ad would state "no new parts...never needs any". It's so reliable, that I never do anything to it. I put on over 30K miles a year, and it has over 170K on it now. The only bad thing about this truck is that mine has a bench seat, which of course doesn't recline. If you want a truck for work or play, that runs in hot or cold, and is as reliable as the day is long, get this truck.

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Keeps on Running

TXMAN, 07/25/2010
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My Uncle purchased this truck new in 1994. When he passed in 2002, I inherited the truck. With 152,000 miles there have been no major repairs or cost of ownership. Like all trucks from this year, the windshield wiper motor had to be replaced. Engine and transmission are running strong. The paint still looks great, unlike other years for Chevy trucks, when the paint fades and peels over time.

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the confederat runs like a champ!

sparky8265, 02/27/2011
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bought it a week ago used from a dealer told everything worked great 4x4 is solid changed out the transmission for $1100.00 used included install, ran great! just did plugs and wires to get rid of the misfire and she runs great!, typical rust on the ext cab corners good prject for this summer! in 2wd never have gotten stuck in the Mn snow, runs great idels great chevy has never let me down with any of the 5 cars or trucks or vans ive owned in 14 yrs! I standardly do all my own work except when I dont have a garage to do it in, so this last few jobs done by a shop and did great work in getting her back on the road, want a good truck look no further! I have the 350 5.7 V8 no option to add

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Built like a rock

gm, 11/23/2010
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i have had 2 94 silverados in my life. the first one was bought new and totaled in 09, that one with the 5.7 auto, then i bought a 4.3 manual, the 5.7 is an awesome puller, and the 4.3 has a lot of power for a v6. these trucks are so tough, i hit at least 5 deer with these and never did a thing to them, (besides crack the grill little) the first one only lasted to about 140,000 miles and the 4.3 now has almost 200,000, and the only thing that was every changed was the alternator, the only downside is comfort and a HUGE turning radius, these trucks are a lot tougher than the new one, i hit a deer with my 06 and there was almost $5500 worth of damage

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Going Strong After 290,000 miles

nashvillekat1, 06/12/2011
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I can't believe that after driving it almost 300,000 I can still go 2,000 miles without having to add oil. Bought car at dealer with 20,000 miles and have had no major repairs. Only problems now are Auto Transmission shifts rough when cold but otherwise still ok. A/C is out with a leak. Otherwise, original fuel pump, alternator, differential, engine, etc... going strong. Bob Seeger was right... Like a Rock.

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It IS Like a Rock

South Jersey Chevy, 04/04/2009
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Bought this truck over ten years ago with 80000+ miles on it. Has never let me down. The fuel pump tried once, but I was able to jump start it by banging the tank with my fist. Truck design is simple, it was not over engineered. Very easy to work on for what few repairs have been needed over ten years. (All trucks need maintenance and repairs no matter what brand, foreign or domestic). I look forward to another ten years behind the wheel.

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Great since new

chevytim, 10/29/2013
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My baby.Bought my '94 W/T brand new in July of '94.I have a company supplied truck for work since '98, so this one gets used for everything but that.4.3L V6,4 speed auto trans(weird that auto trans wasn't on Edmunds list selection),no a/c(who needs it?).Except for auto trans ,bare bones truck.A little over 100,000 miles.Silver,looks like new.Always dependable.Use it for work sometimes when the Ford diesel is broke down.Love this truck,hope to have it another 20 yrs.Never had any major repairs.Even with it sitting in unheated garage sometimes for extended periods,it always gets up and goes.Interior is very comfortable also ,which is good on longer trips.

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Dependable Truck

Msilva, 11/21/2008
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I purchased this truck new. With over 150,000 miles it still runs great. The A/C went out at 140,000 miles. The starter at 50,000 miles and the wiper motor at 100,000. That's it. No other mechanical problems with this truck. It's been taken off-road by teenagers, stolen by illegals - still very dependable.

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Keeps on Going

amber19, 09/18/2012
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Very reliable, great truck. Just hit 220,000 miles and still purrs. I am 3rd owner and over the 4 years since my purchased have only replaced starter and battery. Handles great in the snow, and towing. I hope it makes it to 300,000 miles!! It is an automatic 5.7 V-8. ( It didn't have the option up above.)

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Great Truck!

off road mania, 11/21/2008
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Best pickup I've ever owned. I didn't want to part with it but I needed better MPG's. The Silverado never let me down and was super realiable. It towed everything I threw at it without a problem, race car, atv, boat, and the tranny or engine or drivetrain never let me down. Good performance off road but a little rough on the road (it is a truck though). 60/40 bench seat was very comfortable. Factory stereo could use some improvement. The only issue I had with the truck was the rear cab corners rotted out and it seems to be a problem on these trucks. Overall this truck can get it done and quickly.

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