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Love my Cavalier

jennybear, 03/31/2010
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This is my second cavalier. The first one I had was a 91 and Chevy had made major improvements by 2000. I bought my vehicle second hand at 30,000 miles, and have loved the drive ever since. She is good in the snow. (as good as you can get without 4 wheel drive) She is dependable. The only part that I have had to repeatedly replace is a chip in the dash for the heat. I have only had to replace this 2 times in 10 years so that is not bad. Plus it's a cheap part to replace, like 10 dollars. Otherwise a little cramped in the back seat, but as a driver comfortable seats, fun to drive, dependable, durable, and I think Ill try to keep it for another 10 years.

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Eight and a half years of good driving.

A.B., 09/16/2010
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Yesterday I bid a fond farewell to a close friend after 8 1/2 years. I got my Cavalier in March 2002 as a high school graduation present from my grandmother. I have to say, the Cav did its job and then some. I went to college 3-4 hours away from home, and I now live a half hour away from where I now work, and have done the commute for 4 years now. The Cavalier was great on gas and kept me safe on one of the worst, most congested Interstates in the country. From an old man t-boning me after running a stop sign to skidding on ice on the Interstate, hitting a snow bank, and the only damage being a bent license plate, this car's toughness isn't to be underestimated. I loved the old gal!

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Reliable and Sporty

Z24, 11/13/2010
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I have been driving this car for about 6 years and it has been pretty reliable overall. It has over 100,000 miles and still runs well. Some repairs needed include replacing the front wheel bearings, replacing the part that holds the muffler, and replacing the serpentine belt several times. At one time, the check engine light went on and the dealer said it needed new oxygen sensors. I did not get them replaced and it still runs fine and no longer has a check engine light on. There is some rust developing on certain parts, especially the side panel under the gasoline door. This car is easy and comfortable to drive. It is fast enough when you need it and still gets good mileage.

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Hate to think of ever replacing her

Brian, 11/09/2010
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I bought my 2000 Cavalier 4dr stick- shift new in 2000. Just needed fuel efficient transportation and never expected to fall in love w/her. This car has done it all. I have pulled a small trailer with it since new and still only just replaced the clutch once at 109k miles. Consistently gets 36 mpg on interstate and 28-30 daily driving. I have had this car most people wouldn't take a 4wd truck. As for design and ride comfort, it's a cavalier not a mercedes. This car has 116k miles and I hope I get another 10 yrs out of her. I hope one day, when I finally have to let her go, that I can find another ride as great as this car.

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Best little car ever!

Jes, 06/10/2008
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I bought this sweet little car right out of high school and have enjoyed it every day since. The only thing I have ever done to my car is get new tires and oil changes. It has never broke down or needed anything replaced. I have driven it hundreds of miles across the country and it is very comfortable for a little cheap car. I have to sell it now because I need a four door car for my new little baby. I am going to cry when my sweet little Cavalier goes away!

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