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Sastisfied 1st New Car Driver

QueBertguy, 01/15/2004
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Nervous about dropping all my savings into a more expensive car, the Chevy Cavilier was an excellent choice for a first new car for myself fresh out of highschool. It performs quite well, and has needed only minor maintaince... a "chrip" in the front wheels and a creaky dash have been the only problems to date. Sleek enough looking, with a good amount of room, and a nice stereo system... not bad on gas either. Two long distance trips per year, no problems at all. To get through college this is an excellent car. Not perfect or amazing to the point you'd wanna show it off... but good and solid enough to get the job done, and look alright while doing it.

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I love it!

dazednconfuzed, 02/27/2004
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This August, my Cav will be four years young. Just to give you an idea, she's been with me since I was 17...and has survived the crazy teenager years with me. I've kept my car well maintained and have had absolutely no trouble with it at all, period. The 2.4L 150hp engine comes with a lot of pep and hasn't lost any of it. The handling is nice and precise. The Cav has a very sleek and sporty design, and the z24 comes with it's own 16 inch alloy rims. And all for a lot less than most other cars!

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the white lemon

adam210, 05/09/2004
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i hope for chevy's sake that i just got a lemon, but this thing is a hunk of junk. not long after the warranty was up it started to fall apart. wind noise is VERY loud, as are the creeking and squeeking sound that seem to come from every sq in of the car. at 55000 miles i have a rod knocking. my mechanic said that he noticed this happening alot in the ld9 "2.4l dohc" engine; and a friend of his at the dealership said that gm knows about the problem, but it seems to happen after the warranty is up, so they do nothing.

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Gonna Drive this Until it Dies

Derrick G, 06/05/2004
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I currently have just over 135,000 miles on this car and I bought it brand new. I have had no problems. (Just a couple of recalls that were taken care very quickly.) I still get over 30 miles per gallon. It's a little rough on the inside when compared to other vehicles, but it gets the job done.

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Fun To Drive!

Starchild, 06/03/2004
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This car is a lot of fun to drive. By far the best thing this car has going for it is the acceleration - this car goes! The car is a bit tight fitting for anyone over 6 feet tall (I am 5'10" and it is snug). On long trips over 3 hours your ass will be hurtin' for sure. Mechanically, I have had a new problem with the car about every year. The water pump went out around 30K miles which from what I heard is common on GM vehicles. I also had some sort of hinge joint go out under the front driver side wheel which gave me a lot of creakin', a problem with the front breaks, and there was water leaking into one of the front headlights.

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