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Drag Race! How Does the Corvette Stingray Hold Up Against the New Z06?

We might all think the Z06 can take it easily, but the C8 is no slouch

Corvette Stingray vs. Corvette Z06 exterior shot
  • The C8 Corvette Stingray is a very quick machine, but ...
  • The new Corvette Z06 has a lot more power and proves to be quicker still.
  • But how big is that gap, and can the C8 hold its own?

Don't worry, we know this is an obvious mismatch. The C8 Corvette came out in 2020 and Chevrolet has had at least three years to iterate on an already great platform to make it sharper and, more importantly for the purpose of U-Drags, faster. Its all-new naturally aspirated flat-plane crank V8 kicks out 175 more horsepower than the humbler V8 in our long-term C8 Corvette Stingray. Add stickier, wider tires for better grip and the Z06's lower curb weight and it's obvious the Stingray is going to need something resembling divine intervention to pull out a win.

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But the Z06 does have a drawback: the money. A C8 Stingray with the Z51 performance package can be had for as little as $72,240 (assuming you can dodge ever-present dealer markups). The Z06 is far more expensive, starting at $109,295. Getting one right now is nearly impossible without paying over sticker, and some dealers are asking more than $200,000 for a Z06. (We're not kidding.) So the question very quickly becomes: Is the Z06 worth it when you're at a set of lights?

That's exactly what we're testing here. Can the Z06 make a case for costing at least $30,000 more than its little sibling, or is the Stingray even more of a giant killer than Chevrolet thought? That's what U-Drags is going to find out. Check out the video above and decide for yourself if the way the Z06 goes, handles and sounds is really worth all that extra coin.

Edmunds says

We love our long-term C8 Stingray, but there's something truly special about the Z06's flat-plane crank howl that we just can't ignore.