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25,000 Miles in the Tesla Model Y Performance: The Good, the Bad and Our Verdict

After two years with the Model Y, we're very familiar with Tesla's crossover SUV

Tesla Model Y
  • We've had a Tesla Model Y Performance for two years now.
  • In that time we've drag raced it, done road trips, and lived with it for 25,000 miles.
  • But what you probably want to know is how it's held up in that time. Dig in to find out.

We've lived with our long-term Tesla Model Y for two years now, and in that time we've taken it along highways, biways, and every other way you can imagine. We've even taken it to the track. If you're not familiar with our long-term test program, it's where we here at Edmunds welcome cars into our garage for more than the average two-week loan. Instead we either buy them with our own cash or an automaker loans them to us for a year so we can suss out what a real ownership experience looks like.

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In the case of our Model Y, Tesla's fully electric crossover SUV, we bought it back in 2020 and we liked it enough to keep it for two years instead of the typical one. We opted for the dual-motor Performance model and tacked on the so-called Full Self-Driving Capability. We also added the lowered suspension, red paint, and Tesla's optional Induction wheels to boost curb appeal. All in, the Model Y cost us $68,700, a bargain compared to what a similar model would cost you in 2022, as prices have risen to over $85,000. Yikes.

As with any car we welcome into our long-term fleet, there's good, there's bad, and there's been a lot of lessons learned. In our 25,000-mile sum-up video we go over everything we've experienced with the Model Y in our two laps around the sun with it. There's plenty to like, including its generous cargo capacity, enjoyable driving dynamics, and of course its straight-line acceleration. There's also plenty we don't like, namely the stiff ride, not-quite-right build quality, and the difficulties we've encountered when trying to service the Model Y.

Tesla Model Y

No car is perfect, but we have enjoyed our Model Y. As with most Teslas, over-the-air updates have made it better over time, too. If you want to know more about our time with the Tesla Model Y, check out the video above.

Edmunds says

The Model Y isn't perfect, but it is supremely usable, offers good EV range, and is a hoot to drive. Does it tick enough boxes for you, or is the competition from Hyundai and other automakers catching your eye?