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Electric BMW M3 Is More Than Just an Idea — It's (Probably) Happening Soon

Don't worry, though. The electric M3 will coexist with a gas-powered one.

Electric BMW M3 Concept front 3/4
  • An electric (possibly quad-motor) M3 will be here by 2027.
  • BMW will make the current M3 engine Euro 7 compliant, ensuring future gas-powered generations.
  • The electric M3 will be sold in tandem with gas models and will likely take heavy inspiration from the Neue Klasse concept.

During a meeting with media in Portugal this week, BMW product development chief Frank Weber had this to say:  “… the next M3 will be battery electric, fully battery electric.” Just a few days after the unveiling of BMW’s next-generation Neue Klasse (pronounced noya classuh) sedan concept, this isn’t exactly a shock. According to carsales, Weber confirmed the BMW M3 will be electric by roughly 2027.

Parts of BMW M have also lent credence to these claims — chief executive Franciscus Van Meel has said before that there was potential for a sport sedan based on the all-electric Neue Klasse. Within BMW, this isn’t exactly a revelation — an M3 (and the lesser 3 Series) has historically followed the path laid down by Neue Klasse models. The Neue Klasse sedans of the 1970s laid down BMW design commandments that stand to this day — like the Hofmeister kink. However, even with Weber's and Van Meel's statements, we are waiting on official word from BMW on whether a fully electric M3 is really in the cards.

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BMW M3 CS front 3/4

However, things look good. BMW has shown an electric M3 of sorts all dressed in camo once already, and Weber even elaborated on what the new M3 could look like. The Neue Klasse can accommodate four electric motors, one for each wheel, but Weber also hinted at the mechanical potential independent motors hold. “You have some settings where you can go deeper into something that is more and more rear-wheel-drive-biased with the control possibilities that you have with electric machines. You can go crazy!” he said, according to the carsales report.

In the same meeting, Weber went on to specify a loose timeline, saying that the new M3 would closely follow the introduction of the Neue Klasse’s production equivalent. Just how “close” was not made clear. What was made clear is that the new electric M3 won’t be an out-and-out replacement for the M3 as we know it. When asked what would become of the S58 inline-six powering the current car, Weber said: “It’s a nice engine; we will certainly make this Euro 7-capable [compliant with EU emissions standards] and other things, so it’s going to happen. We will not have two different classes — there will be coexistence of the solutions in the market.”

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Evidently, BMW wants the M3 to be able to satisfy enthusiasts of all kinds. While an electric M3 is certainly something we’re waiting to develop an opinion on, perhaps we’ll get lucky and see an update in styling for the M3 more in line with the Neue Klasse’s looks and proportions.