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The 2025 Fisker Alaska Is the Small, Fun Electric Pickup We Need

It fits right in, literally ...

2025 Fisker Alaska Concept front three-quarter
  • The Fisker Alaska is a new EV pickup concept.
  • Fisker says it will have up to 340 miles of range, a folding midgate and a cowboy hat holder.
  • Pricing will start around $45,000 and production starts early in 2025.

Fisker's plans beyond its initial release of the Ocean SUV are starting to become more clear, and the new Alaska is going to be a big part of them. The Alaska is a fully electric compact pickup truck that's designed to sit somewhere between the compact Hyundai Santa Cruz and the midsize Toyota Tacoma.

Details are light at the moment, but Fisker has said Alaska will be offered with two battery packs, a 75-kWh unit and 113-kWh one. Range is estimated between 230 and 340 miles, but since production is still more than a year away, we'll have to wait for the EPA to finalize those numbers. The whole truck will be 17.4 feet long, or in more tangible terms, about a foot shorter than a Tacoma and a foot longer than a Santa Cruz.

Other features noted are a front trunk area, a cowboy hat holder and a cupholder that's more than big enough for a Big Gulp. (It's the world's largest in a car, according to Fisker.) The last, and perhaps neatest trick, is a power midgate that folds down into itself and extends the bed length from 4.5 feet to 9.2 feet, using some of the interior as extra bed space. We're not sure all these features will be the biggest draw, but at least Fisker is trying to mix up the standard truck formula a little bit. We'll know more as the truck's production begins in the first part of 2025.

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2025 Fisker Alaska Concept rear 3/4

Edmunds says

It's the right size, has great claimed range, and looks rugged enough to maybe even sway traditional truck buyers. Bring on the Alaska!