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Power Outage? The 2021 Ford F-150 Comes to the Rescue

Power Outage? The 2021 Ford F-150 Comes to the Rescue

Keep your lights, heater and coffee maker on with Pro Power Onboard

  • Optional Pro Power Onboard feature provides up to 7,200 watts of power
  • It's not just for job sites or tailgating
  • Can operate for days on a full tank of gas

Great swaths of America are experiencing extremely cold weather and power outages here in the middle of February 2021. So what to do when the power in your home goes out?

Well, if you own a 2021 Ford F-150 with the Pro Power Onboard feature, you're in luck. Just back the truck up close to your house and connect some thick (and properly rated) extension cords to the stuff in your house. Now fire up Pro Power Onboard and — with a John Madden-esque "Boom!" — you'll have emergency backup power for your home's essential appliances or components.

Intrigued? So were we. Here's how the system works — and how much it costs.

Pro Power Onboard to the rescue

Pro Power Onboard is a neat new feature of the redesigned F-150. It's essentially a robust onboard electric generator that allows you to power tools and appliances whether you're stationary or driving. Paired to one of the F-150's regular gasoline engines, the system provides up to 2,000 watts (2 kilowatts, or 2 kW) of output. Opt for the truck's new hybrid powertrain and the system is capable of either 2.4 kW or 7.2 kW.

You can tap into the power via an outlet cluster in the bed, which comes with two 120-volt 20-amp outlets. On the upgraded 7.2-kW hybrid system, you get two additional 120-volt outlets plus a 240-volt 30-amp outlet.

How much is 7.2 kW? It's certainly enough to power the necessities during a power outage. A small home space heater might require 1,500 watts, for instance, while a coffee maker might need around 1,000 watts. Today's LED lightbulbs require only a few watts' worth of power.

How much does Pro Power Onboard cost?

Not much, surprisingly. The available 2-kW system for the F-150's regular gas engines engines is a $995 option. That's in the ballpark of what you'd pay for a similarly capable portable gasoline generator. When you buy the F-150 with its new hybrid V6 powertrain (PowerBoost), the 2.4-kW system comes standard. Going all-out for the 7.2-kW system requires the hybrid powertrain but a mere additional outlay of $750.

Edmunds says

Ford's marketing for Pro Power Onboard shows owners using the system for powering tools and accessories for job sites, tailgating or camping. But there's nothing stopping you from parking your F-150 in your driveway and using it as an emergency generator too. While it depends on the truck and the amount of power you're using, a fully gassed F-150 can potentially run for days. For all the latest on the redesigned 2021 F-150, including our full review and rating, head over to the Edmunds F-150 page.