Interior Storage - 2008 BMW 1 Series Long Term Road Test

2008 BMW 1 Series Long Term Road Test

2008 BMW 135i: Interior Storage

September 09, 2008


Of the many BMWs I've driven over the years, I can't say too many of them are memorable in terms of interior storage. The 135i continues the trend. Following is a detailed report on where you can or can't store stuff. It's hard-core investigative journalism at its best.

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Center console bin
Surprise! Our BMW 135i lacks a traditional center console bin. Instead, you get some storage in the armrest (accessed via a flip-up lid) and a curved slot next to the parking brake handle. The two armrest storage areas are conveniently shaped for sunglasses and phones. The slot's purpose is less definitive, but considering the location of the auxiliary audio jack input, it seems to work best for MP3 players.

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Cupholders and front cubby
As a couple of editors have noted previously, the 135i's cupholders are pretty weak. The biggest diameter water bottle you'll be able to fit is one like the Propel bottle shown. Meanwhile, the flipdown armrest interferes with items placed in the rear cupholder. Shifting gears with bottles in place can be problematic, too.

There's no front cubby hole, just an ashtray. If you don't smoke, it's good for an emergency mint ration -- rumor has it Sadlier (SadButTrue) left it in here after one of his hot dates.

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Door bins and glovebox
The door bins are decent-sized, though they lack the bulge that automakers are increasingly designing in to allow storage of water bottles. Most of the small glovebox is taken up by the owner's manual.

Overall, the 135i's storage is suitable for daily use, but it's probably not enough for a road trip. While writing this post, I kept thinking back to our long-term Honda Civic Si. Both cars are entertaining coupes, but our Civic was vastly superior in terms of keeping your stuff stored and organized. You'll find a post about it here.

Brent Romans, Senior Automotive Editor @ 9,110 miles

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