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Kyle Hyatt


Kyle Hyatt has been working as an automotive journalist since 2017. In that time he's written over 3,000 car-related articles as well as tested and reviewed hundreds of vehicles of both the two and four-wheeled varieties. Kyle is a contributor to Edmunds, and in addition to stints on staff at CNET's Roadshow and Jalopnik, his byline has been featured at Car & Driver, Robb Report, Autoblog, Motor Trend, The Drive and Ars Technica. When he's not busy writing, he's usually out enjoying his 2003 Porsche 911 or working to finish his custom 1969 Honda CB350 twin project sometime before the next ice age.

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Best Electric Cars

Hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles aren’t as common as battery-electric vehicles but, depending on your lifestyle, they might be the right choice for you.

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How Do Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles Work?

Best Electric Cars

Want to learn how hybrid cars work and what makes them different from conventional gas-powered cars? Read this article to find all the answers.

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How Do Hybrid Cars Work?

Car News

Porsche's been teasing its electric Macan for years, but now Porsche is dishing on the battery specs, power output and more of this 2024 model.

By Kyle Hyatt

Porsche’s Electric Macan Is a Big Step Forward From the Taycan