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2010 Tesla Roadster Sport Pictures

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2010 Tesla Roadster Exterior 2010 Tesla Roadster Exterior 2010 Tesla Roadster Exterior A specially designed center console on the Tesla showcases Tag Heuer's concept watch. U.K. gets a right-hand-drive Tesla Roadster. The car will be priced at nearly $138,000 there. As you'd expect in a sports car, slim drivers are preferred for the seats, though the Roadster's long wheelbase does accommodate tall ones. 2010 Tesla Roadster Gas Cap 2010 Tesla Roadster Badge 2010 Tesla Roadster Rear Badge Recharging port glows to let you know when the batteries have been topped off. Single-speed transaxle works with perfect quickness and refinement. Tesla Engineers Doug Bourn, Brian M. Finn and Andrew Ingram were killed in Wednesday's plane crash. Tesla Motors' stock dropped heavily on the NASDAQ on the first day that early investors were allowed to sell shares. Lightweight wheels reduce unsprung weight for enhanced steering response plus a better ride, too. 2010 Tesla Roadster. The watch and the Tesla will be going to a Swiss watch show after Geneva. This is AC Propulsion's vision of the future. 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport. The exterior color, Foucault Field Gray, should have a magnetic attraction for Geneva showgoers. Is this the New Detroit? There's no more thrill in looking at the engine compartment than in opening up the battery compartment of your cell phone, which is the point, really. 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport. The ultimate battery-powered toy. The Roadster Sport is wound tighter, yet also drives more smoothly.
2010 Tesla Roadster