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2008 Tesla Roadster Convertible Pictures

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We drove the Tesla along the hidden roads on the top oif the San Francisco Peninsula. The Tesla Roadster is truly a sports car, more for fun than for going to the store. 2008 Tesla Roadster Convertible Exterior Fold-up canvas top comes in handy in wet weather, and can be stowed in the trunk when the sun is out. Not a single panel of the Tesla's largely carbon-fiber body is shared with the Lotus Elise on which it is based. 2008 Tesla Roadster Convertible Exterior Tesla commissioned its own body design, although the look is marred by lots of cutlines. As a roadster should, the Tesla looks its best at speed. Rear view from the cockpit is obscured a bit by flying buttresses that smooth out the roof line. And look, no tailpipes! Electric powertrain means all torque, all the time, and endows the Tesla Roadster with scenery-blurring acceleration. Lotus-engineered chassis, suspension and steering impart road-hugging performance. Again showing it is working from a different model than the traditional auto company, Tesla Motors will make house calls to fix a problem with its 2008 Roadster EV's rear hub flange bolts. The Tesla Roadster (pictured) is another step closer to reality now that the NHTSA has granted an airbag standard waiver for three years. March 17 is the start-of-production date finally announced by Tesla Motors for its long-awaited electric Roadster. Tesla delivered this Founder's Series Roadster to Martin Eberhard, co-founder of the electric-car startup. Eberhard has been out of the picture since a falling-out with the current management of the Tesla company, but he blogged that he was happy to get his own Tesla at last. Founder's Series Tesla Roadster has orange seat panels to match the racy orange stripes on the exterior. Meanwhile, in England, Prince Michael of Kent had a go with a Tesla Roadster and admired its zero-emissions technology, the company said. The Tesla Roadster started production on Monday, but production will proceed in a deliberate and controlled manner, says the company's CEO. Now in production! The banner says it all. Eberhard praised the roadster's never-ending torque, instant response, nimble suspension, tight steering after taking the Founder's Series car out for a spin. Tesla Motors says its electric roadster does the quarter-mile in 12.7 seconds. Despite the worldwide financial crisis, Tesla Motors has snagged $40 million in additional financing to pep up production of the electric Tesla Roadster (pictured). Lucky Europeans will be able to spend their strong Euros on the Tesla Roadster soon; the electric car is bound for Europe next year.
2008 Tesla Roadster
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