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1999 Dodge Neon

Dodge Neon Features and Specs

Features & Specs

  • Engine 2.0 L Inline 4-cylinder
  • Drivetrain Front Wheel Drive
  • Transmission 5-speed Manual
  • Horse Power 132 hp @ 6000 rpm
  • Fuel Economy 24/36 mpg
  • Bluetooth No
  • Navigation No
  • Heated Seats No

Review of the 1999 Dodge Neon

  • Safety
  • Pros

    Zippy performance with 5-speed and DOHC engine. Handles the twisties with aplomb.

  • Cons

    Loud interior. High-silled greenhouse results in that "sitting in a bathtub" feeling. Sketchy reliability history.

  • What's New for 1999

    One new color is available for the 1999 Dodge Neon Style Package: Inferno Red.

What Others Are Saying

Customer Reviews

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Sporty looking, decent on gas,

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Vehicle: 1998 Dodge Neon

I own a black 1998 Dodge Neon Sport Sedan with an automatic transmission. I'm not sure how many owners its had. I bought the car in October of 2011 from a mechanic for $1600. The car has 135,280 miles. I noticed oil was leaking out the gasket seal. So I had my cousin replace the seal. And the leak stopped. My cousin also put new spark plugs in, and he noticed a couple of spark plugs were drowned in oil. I give the car it's routine oil changes every 3 to 5000 miles. I never had any trouble starting it, even in the coldest winter last year, it started fine. The car handles the snow ok. I had to replace a fuel pipe, because it rusted through. In conclusion, I think it's a reliable fun car.

Perfect first time, long time

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Vehicle: 1998 Dodge Neon

Ive had this car since about 07, when I acquired it from my mom who was the 2nd owner (originally bought from a dealership). Ive been driving it since I was 16 so its been through a lot. Aside from regular maintenance this car has been very low maintenance. Ive had the oil changed about every 5k miles and a few tune-ups but this car has not asked for much more. In terms of repairs this is what Ive had to have done: -brakes a couple times in 7 years -fuel pump twice (wear in the fuel line which was unnoticed) -various parts of the cooling system Still has the original clutch after 13 years! This car lasts forever if you care enough.

Its had its problems...

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Vehicle: 1998 Dodge Neon

My 1998 Dodge Neon has had belt issues where the water pump locked up and the timing belt jumped. Then a month later the serpentine belt shredded completely and had to be replaced as well. The car rattles a lot when I drive it, and shakes bad when it idles. My Neon doesn't have much power to it either. Its got bad acceleration, (it doesn't pick up speed quickly). Also my dome light and my shifter light don't work, (I changed the dome light and yes have checked the fuses and light switch, I don't know how to change the shifter light.) Over all, I wish I had a different car, or a better Neon :(

278,000 miles and still going

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Vehicle: 1998 Dodge Neon

I bought my Neon new in 1998 and have had only one major issue and that was with the defective head gasket. Other than general maintenance, it has been a great car. I just put a set of 75000 mile tires on it and I talked to my mechanic and he said it should hit 400,000 with no trouble. Have always used Catrol Syntec and I get about 30-35 in town and around 40 on the highway. I have had a few trips (recently) where I hit 45-48 mpg. Other minor issues include the leak around the driver's side tail light and my sunroof motor went out. Could not have spent $17,600 any better way.

Couple things people dont know

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Vehicle: 1998 Dodge Neon

I bought my car at an auction last year. I have driven it every day and had no major problems other than: The 4 cyl has a not so known issue of the valve cover gasket leaking oil into spark plugs. This was found by a mech telling us so I have yet to replace gasket. I take the plug out clean it and it's good to go for a few months longer. Secondly is I have to put oil in it cause the oil pan gasket is bad. BUT knowing those two problems I am ok with it. It is known for bad heads and often blow. I haven't had that issue yet! But the engines are so easy to find it is good to work on.

Best first car!

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Vehicle: 1998 Dodge Neon

I've had my neon for about a year now. I had it given to me from my parents at 98,000 miles and it now has 101,000 so you can guess that I am happy with it. I love the gas mileage and the dependability, I am not to fond of the power though. Getting on the freeway is not very fun. Overall I am just happy that I got a car that doesn't need to be in the shop every few months.

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What's New for 1999

One new color is available for the 1999 Dodge Neon Style Package: Inferno Red.

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  • 36
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