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2015 Volvo v60 Review

  • This Volvo V60 video review covers all you need to know about this entry-level luxury wagon, including cargo space, pricing, fuel economy and competitor wagon models. We also feature info about its trim levels: T5 Drive-E, T5 AWD and T6 R-Design.

    As the name suggests, the V60 is the wagon version of Volvo's S60 entry-level luxury sedan. It comes with many of the same features and is similar in size — although it obviously has more cargo capacity. With 43.8 cubic feet of maximum space, it pretty much splits the distance between the XC60 crossover and an S60 with its rear seats folded down. It also features a handy dog net.

    With one other exception, the cargo area is really the only thing that differentiates the V60 from the S60. You get the same well-made interior, fantastic seats and electronics interface, which although not the most trendsetting, is certainly user friendly.

    The V60 is also enjoyable to drive. It's not a sport wagon like BMW's 3 Series, but the steering is responsive, corners are taken with confidence and the ride is well-controlled and comfortable.

    Besides the usual selection of airbags, a low-speed collision avoidance system known as City Safety is standard, while you can also get various driver warning systems and integrated child booster seats. It hasn't been crash tested, but it's hard to imagine the V60 not matching the S60's perfect scores with both the government and IIHS.

    That one exception from earlier? The V60 is not available with its sedan sibling's big turbo- and supercharged engine, but there are still three trim levels and engines from which to choose. This T5 Drive-E is front-wheel drive and if you value fuel economy over all-wheel drive, it's a great choice, since no gasoline-powered competitor can match it.

    The five-cylinder T5 AWD produces pretty much the same power, but gets 6 mpg worse, while no wagon competitor can match the T6 AWD R-Design sport model's performance.

    We're big fans of wagons: they're more versatile than luxury sedans, but better to drive and more efficient than compact crossovers. The Volvo V60 is no different, and with its lower price and better fuel economy, it stands tall against its few competitors.

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