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I Love my Cabrio!

Nuru, 08/20/2008
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Back in the 80's there was this movie, "Can't Buy Me Love" and the girl had the Cabriolet in white. I fell in love with the car then. When I had the opportunity to buy the same car I loved back then, in 2001, I jumped on it and never looked back. I can't tell you how many people have asked to buy the car from me. I was hit 2 times in that car, and both times the other car was more damaged than my little tank. The second time it was an SUV that hit me. The whole front of the other car was crumpled. Overall, my Cabrio has served me well. I will only replace it with a convertible Mini as that's the only other thing I've driven that's as fun.

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I Love My Little Car!

misanthropist, 07/10/2012
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I've had my Cabrio for only about a month and I've noticed a few flaws such as the tires the previous owner put on it are too big and grind when I have rear passengers. That or my suspension needs an update. My ABS and E brake lights stay on when driving but not ALL the time. A few of the automatic features don't work.. my top is now manuel which I don't mind. My driver window doesn't like to roll up normally. My mirrors aren't automatic anymore. My cruise control I don't believe works.. I havn't really looked into figuring how to set it though, so maybe it does. My seats are difficult to move back and forth and My trunk light doesn't come on. However, those are all minor things to me.

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Therapy for the Soul

Swampfox, 01/14/2005
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I owned a used 1972 Fiat 850 years ago and it was a blast. Had the opportunity to buy a used 1998 VW Cabrio and the memories came rushing back. No, this car is not 350HP. It's better. Therapy for the soul! Euro- handling and enough horsepower to have fun, fun, fun, and merge with traffic at the same time. Put the top down on a nice Fall or Spring day and enjoy crusing the two lane roads and enjoy the view. Today we worry too much about ultimate performance and too little about ultimate enjoyment. The Cabrio is meant to be enjoyed. The new Cabrio Beetle is nice but mine is better, for me. I have driven both. This is the car to have to take time out, kick back, and enjoy the moment.

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I am a VW convert!!!

alecia, 05/18/2007
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I love this car! I have had convertables before, but never as fun as this one! The top is easy to put up and down (I have a manual one). Gas mileage is great. It handles highway speeds (80+) with no problems. I am not a girly girl but this is a "chick" car to die for. I will say the only draw back is THE CUP HOLDERS! I have spilt Starbucks more than once. My next new vehicle will be a VW of some sort!! Commuters... this is the car of your dreams.

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Bag for the buck

Al Hopkins, 12/30/2009
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Great car to drive!Not my first VW I have bought, this is why I bought this one. Fun to drive, even with the top down:>) For me easy to work on,great bag for the buck. Had to replace ball joints 'cause rubber boot was torn, These Cabrio's are a very durable reliable vehicle. Super fast no! Although for a 2.0 it is pretty quick for the placement under the hood Handling is excellent. For a '98 friends/people cannot believe it is this old of a vehicle. This is a "best kept secret" for those of us young at heart. Miata eat your heart out!!!

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