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Love the Edge
I recently purchased a 2021 Ford Edge SEL AWD fully loaded. I was originally considering the Bronco Sport but it is a little too small for my needs. So I decided to take the Edge out for a test drive. I was really taken by surprise! I am absolutely in love with this vehicle. It comes with great safety features. The interior is very spacious and comfortable. The seats are super supportive and the active x material is easy to clean. I find the layout very well thought out and intuitive. There is soft touch material throughout the cabin. 12 inch infotainment Sync 4 system is awesome. Love the wireless Apple car play. The turbo 2.0L is peppy. I have to travel up some steep hills and the Edge glides right on up without strain. No issues merging on the interstate either. Would I go drag racing with it? Probably not, then again I wouldn’t take a midsize suv on the strip. The storage is awesome. I also love the panoramic moon roof. It is a pleasure to drive, has excellent road manners, great technology and amazing storage. It might not be a perfect SUV according to the critics but it is the perfect SUV for me.
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More about the Ford Edge

Edmunds has 5,885 used Ford Edges for sale near you, including a and a ranging in price from 0 to 0.

How much is the used Ford Edge?

There are 5,885 used Ford Edge vehicles for sale near you, with an average cost of $0.
Prices for a used Ford Edge range from a high of 0 to a low of 0. Remember that mileage and condition can affect price. Learn more about the Ford Edge

Is the used Ford Edge a good car?

The used Ford Edge received an average score of 4.2 out of 5 based on 1013 consumer reviews at Edmunds. If you want to learn more about the Ford Edge, read Edmunds' expert review. Learn more about the Ford Edge

Where to buy a used Ford Edge?

Dealers near you have 5,885 used Ford Edge vehicles for sale right now. You can sort available Edge vehicles by distance to find the vehicles closest to you. Learn more about the Ford Edge

What to look for when buying a used Ford Edge?

Price, mileage, and condition are all important factors to consider when buying a used Ford Edge.
We also recommend reading Edmunds' consumer reviews to find common problems, and paying for an independent inspection to make sure the used Ford Edge you're buying doesn't have any problems that need addressing. Learn more about the Ford Edge

How reliable is the Ford Edge?

Consumer reviews are a great resource for determining how reliable a used Ford Edge will be.
Out of 1013 consumer reviews of the used Ford Edge available at Edmunds, 44 are one-star reviews. Take a look at those reviews first, as they're most likely to describe reliability issues with the vehicle. Learn more about the Ford Edge


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