Unofficial Scorecard - 2012 Subaru Impreza Long-Term Road Test

2012 Subaru Impreza Long Term Road Test

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2012 Subaru Impreza: Unofficial Scorecard

October 5, 2012

2012 Subaru Impreza

The editors here are in the midst of assessing cars for our 2013 New Car Buying Guide. For some categories, it's a snap. For others, not so much. My ballot at this point is littered with preliminary votes, notes and question marks. All that will be resolved by deadline, however. That's why they call them deadlines.

In the course of surveying the cars, I've found the Edmunds Ratings criteria helpful. For fun, I thought I'd apply them to our Subaru Impreza. (We have rated the Impreza, but that was in 2010, and the test car was a 2011 WRX -- a different critter from our 2012 hatchback, which sports Subaru's new engine and the continuously disappointing -- I mean variable -- transmission.)

I'm not the expert here. My test-driving brethren and sistren are. But here's my quick take on the car. Our ratings employ a one-to-five-star scale:

Engine and transmission performance including acceleration and drivability: Two stars. (I'm downgrading here because of the CVT.)

Outward visibility, blind spots and nighttime exterior lighting: Four stars.

Driving Dynamics
Steering, handling and braking performance; overall agility: Three stars.

Driving position and seat comfort; the logic and ease-of-use of controls: Four stars.

Seat Access & Space
Ease of entry & exit; interior roominess: Three stars.

Ride Comfort
Ride softness and body motion control: Three stars.

The absence of interior noise, especially from exterior sources such as road, wind and engine: Two stars.

Build Quality
Visible quality factors such as panel gaps, paint quality and interior materials; fit and finish: Three stars.

Cargo & Storage
Available trunk and cargo space and the ease of loading and unloading: Three stars.

If you were rating your ride this way, how would it do?

Carroll Lachnit, Features Editor @7,800 miles

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