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Great basic transportation.

Eric, 01/26/2016
4dr Wagon (2.4L 4cyl 5M)
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I bought one of these as a trade in to get out of steep minivan payments. We have two other small electric cars, so this car is for longer trips/ back up. I bought #960 out of 2000 of the release 8 series. It has a lowered body kit and is a cool blue color. Initially there was HORRIble rattle coming from the windshield whenever I went over bumps. I found out from the internet that this was the cowl rubbing against the windshield due to inadequate insulation and that it was an easy fix. I am not mechanical and it was indeed an easy fix. People online suggested using weatherstripping from home depot to install between the cowl and the windshield. I used the fuzzy part of a velcro strip which is working well. It went from sounding like a car with 200,000 miles on it to sounding like a new ride. I am coming from a minivan, so this car handles well. On the twisties it handles well for the box that it is. Anyone who is hung up by the center console or the buzzing sound that the exhaust makes doesn't have a sense of humor. This is an economy box that has a huge amount of room. I am 6'2" with a long torso and I have at least another 8" over my head. And my model has a sunroof. It keeps transportation cheap and simple. If I drive it hard I can get 22 mpg city. If I decide to go for good gas mileage I can get 26 city or 38 highway. I got a great deal certified used.

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Great Car, Lots Of Fun To Drive

dkane1113, 10/13/2010
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I wanted an SUV or a minivan, but they were way too pricey. This car feels like an SUV when you are inside it. I feel higher up then a regular car which I love. It has a peppy engine, great handling and is fun looking. I also love the standard features that came with it (USB, AUX, power windows & locks, automatic door lock & unlock on key, etc.. The car also feels very sturdy & is not cheaply made. It feels spacious inside and I like the head and leg room too. It is a small car that feels bigger than it is and has plenty of room for my 2 kids, husband, dog and I. I just love it!

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Surprisingly awesome

Carolina T, 11/03/2010
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I went to the dealership to test drive the Toyota Matrix, and saw the XB sitting there. After test driving the Matrix and being unimpressed with the handling, I asked the dealer if I could test the Scion. I was amazed at how zippy this car is, especially for its size. I fell in love with the car right away, and bought it, and now I am a total convert. The car handles like a sportier, smaller car, but it has all the room in the world, and it's got personality. Win.

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Small Price for a Great Car

maxie6, 03/02/2011
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We have had the car for a week now and we just love it. Especially my wife whom I didn't think she would take a liking to it. But she did and it is hard to get her out of it. We are both retired and were looking for something to replace to the two cars we had. (sold them both on the same day over the internet). I have been driving an Infiniti for the past 10 years, and I cannot believe all the euipment that comes as standard on this car. I was surprised how quiet it is and the amount of space that you have, espercially with the back seats down. I just read that "Kiplinger" has rated the xB as on of the top ten 2011 cars for Best New Car Resale Values.

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I love my xB

Nick510451, 05/09/2010
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Just traded my '08 xB manual for a brand new '11 xB automatic (wife wanted an auto). Having owned a '08 for three years and having a close family member with a '06 xB I can tell you that Scions are wonderful cars. The 2.4 engine makes the car more competent in all driving situations than the 1.5. The car feels substantial, bumps are much better absorbed than in older models. The brakes inspire confidence (4wheel disc with ABS, and EBD). My 2008 averaged 27+MPG mostly city driving. One tank averaged 33mpg on a 300+ mile road trip. All of the issues I had with my '08 have been fixed on this "11 Larger armrest, larger center console, reverse lights, seats, telescopic wheel.

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Happy So Far

WAGKISS, 10/15/2010
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So far I am pleasantly surprised at the comfort of the ride, the solid handling qualities, throttle response and gas mileage. The majority of my driving is open road and I am averaging 31.5 overall. The headroom is great, my only complaint is the offset of the steering wheel.

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My gocart with an A/C

bilbowill, 11/05/2010
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Just that, it preforms like a 158 hp go cart, , I chose the White color with Gray/black interior, , the center dash does take some getting used to, but I got over that as soon as I plugged my iPod, , and my iphone in, I even use my iphone as the iPod and can get calls, the cargo area is large enough to slid my 3 wheel bike in I get 30.2 mpg in the city, , thats great, , went from a murano, with only 64 cubic feet of storage to this, , 70 cf, it's great

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Ask the Dealership to order you a 2011

Edward, 05/07/2010
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We purchased our XB last week and are extremely happy with the vehicle! We purchased this car after comparing it against other compact cars on the market, and it totally fits our needs. We wanted a compact car that would not crush our kids in the back seat, an engine that was a 2.4L, good fuel economy, and something that could hold luggage in the truck. No other compact car fit our criteria except this one. We’ve put 800 miles on the car so far and have averaged 26.2 miles per tank of gas. If you’re in the market for a 2010, ask the dealer to bring in a 2011, because you’ll love the changes. We were sold on the 2010, but when we when saw the change. Great car for the money!!!!!

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Love It!

Linda Anderson, 08/06/2010
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We purchased this Scion XB after owning a Toyota Rav4. The Scion has just as much width room in the front and more head room than ever. Three of us, large adults, just took it on a 4000 mile trip to the NE. I loved the way we sat down lower in the car, but it was so easy to get in and out of. The gas mileage was "right on" with the sticker. You have to be a "fun" person to like the look, I do! When you're riding in it you feel that it is so much bigger. I can't believe people have even said what a cute car it is. I'm as happy with this car as I have been with the last 6 toyotas we've owned. *Needs to be behind seat pockets and the upholstery could use an upgrade.

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Glad I bought it!

Brian, 08/29/2010
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I bought the car for my daughter, replacing a 2001 RAV4. I drove it from Jacksonville, FL to Baltimore, 865 miles and was totally comfortable. I would drive it across the country, no problem. I'm 6'5" and the seats feel like they were fitted for me. It has more fromt seat room than our 2006 Sienna minivan! I can also fit in back for short distances without it feeling like a torture chamber. It feels like a much larger vehicle inside. If choosing between a 2010 and 2011, go for the 2011. The interior improvements are worth it. The center gauge cluster is also much improved over the 2010. Fuel economy has been excellent. Manual transmission and clutch are excellent.

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