2007 Jeep Compass Long Term Road Test - Maintenance

2007 Jeep Compass Long-Term Road Test

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2007 Jeep Compass: CVT Service Bulletin and more...

November 05, 2007

Friday morning our Long Term Jeep Compass had a date with Buerge Jeep's Service Center for an oil change, a brake squeal, a window screech, and the long-awaited CVT TSB update.

Easy stuff first: A routine oil change which cost us $32.92.

Even after a thorough washing, the front windows, when used, would let out a squeal that is only rivaled by fingernails scraping across a chalkboard -- or Avril Lavigne -- on the shrill-o-meter. Buerge cleaned and lubricated the tracks and we were good to go.

The next item was a brake moan/screech/judder that would occur every time the vehicle was slowed in reverse. I laughed when I saw the dealer's comments in this column as I picked up the vehicle, "Brakes operating as designed, no problem found." Then I stopped laughing, grabbed the keys, and brought my service advisor, Jeremy, along for a quick demo of the problem. The Jeep dutifully sang for him every single time.

Jeremy conjectured that we should "heat the brakes up" to reduce the noise. A useful suggestion for the times we have hours to drive before we need the reverse gear. Or the times we're armed with a heat-gun in the supermarket parking lot. His second next suggestion was a brake-disc resurfacing for $129. The vehicle has 12,313 miles. It shouldn't need a brake resurfacing, and if it did, it should be under warranty. It wasn't.

Last on the list was the TSB to reflash/reprogram the sluggish and sometimes stumbling CVT. (18-031-07 for those of you keeping track.) The engine stumble is mercifully gone, but the Compass is still very, very slow.

Total Cost: $32.92.

Mike Magrath, Vehicle Testing Assistant @ 12,313 miles.

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2007 Jeep Compass Limited: Faulty Windshield?

August 20, 2007

It seems like the Jeep Compass is having a hard time standing up to the heat this summer. Over the weekend I was parked in a subterranean parking structure that was quite hot. A few short minutes after pulling out into the fresh air, I was shocked to actually see a sizable crack appear in the Compass' windshield right above eye level. I knew that nothing fell on the car and spoke to one of the other editors who immediately suspected the heat.

In an urgent move to take care of this hazard I called the service center which told me that it would be over a week before they could fit me in, but they came through nonetheless and gave me the direct line to the glass company they work with. Within 24 hours Class Auto Glass was at my house with a new windshield and had the old one replaced in a short 2 hour turnaround. It was all taken care of so efficiently that I didn't even manage to get a good picture of the damaged windshield to share with you all.

The total cost for the repair and labor was $325.00, but I was assured that this was markedly lower than the fee I would have paid if I had gone through the dealer service center. The repairman confirmed our suspicions and indicated that it was likely a hear fracture in the glass, yet another knock on the Jeep's durability in my opinion.

Alison Steinlauf Anziska, Marketing Coordinator @ 8,200 miles.

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Jeep Compass: It's Check Up Time

August 08, 2007

I took the Jeep Compass into the local service center for its' check-up yesterday. Apart from taking over a week to get the appointment everything went pretty smoothly. After the joy I experienced from the quick drop-off with a 5 minute turnaround the courtesy shuttle took over 45 minutes to arrive back at the service center from its' most recent outing which was a bit frustrating, but can be chalked up to getting them at the wrong timing in the shuttle cycle.

Went back to pick up my car about 6 hours later, and was informed that they think they've gotten to the bottom of the rear reverse light problems- a new bulb. I explained to the technician that I'd been in twice before for this same complain and they've checked the bulb, but he insisted that now the problems are fixed. I reversed out with both lights shining brightly but we'll see how long that lasts!

Overall, it was painless. I even save about $20.00 with the Jeep servicing coupons I had received in the mail. In addition to the pesky light, the service included oil and filter change, tire rotation, air filter service, and a servicing of the PCV system. The total cost was a cool $74.89. Ah, feeling fresh again!

Alison Steinlauf Anziska, 8,620 miles.

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Jeep Compass: No News is Bad News

July 12, 2007

I haven't written about the Compass all week out of frustration. It seems that the recurring rear tail light issue is back. This time I figured I'd save you all your sanity and not jump to conclusions. It's been over a week now and I can safely say the light is out. Now it's not impossible that it's just a mere bulb outage, but given the Compass's tail light track record of randomly turning on and off, I'm skeptical.

The real frustration though has been with the service center. I could not get an appointment until mid next week and the operator told me I'd need to stop in prior to that to check if it's a bulb issue first. The service center is not exactly out of the way, but if this is indeed a wiring issue I will have to make two trips to even get someone to give it a serious look. I pointed out that I've already been in twice for this same complaint and he intimated that I'm not the only one.

I'll remain optimistic and keep you posted...

Alison Steinlauf Anziska, Marketing Coordinator

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Jeep Compass Limited: Stuck at 68

June 28, 2007

For some odd reason the outdoor temperature gauge on the Jeep Compass Limited has been stuck at 68 degrees all week. Now it's clearly much hotter here these days and the most I've seen it go up is one or two degrees. Funny, the weather reports have been claiming highs in the mid-80's. Could just be those weather reporters, they're always a little off!

Alison Steinlauf Anziska, Marketing Coordinator

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