2007 Jeep Compass Long Term Road Test - Comfort

2007 Jeep Compass Long-Term Road Test

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2007 Jeep Compass: Long-Distance Driving

September 18, 2007

2007 Jeep Compass -- Brent Romans

I've put about 1,250 miles on our long-term 2007 Jeep Compass in the past two weeks, most of consisting of highway miles amassed during four-hour, one-way trips. For a vehicle to be a successful long-distance tourer in my opinion, it must rank high in terms of comfort, amenities, storage, passing power, quietness and range. Here's how I think the Compass stacks up.

Comfort: On the highway, the Compass is fairly comfortable. When driven over broken pavement, however, the vehicle's body structure shakes and doesn't provide a sense of solidity. Driver comfort is hampered by the lack of a telescoping steering wheel, a severe lack of padding on the armrests and center console lid, and an uncomfortable doughnut-style headrest.

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2007 Jeep Compass: An Old Way of Thinking

September 05, 2007

2007 Jeep Compass Limited interior - E. Riches

As we've noted on multiple occasions on this blog, and in our full road test , the 2007 Jeep Compass makes no great strides in interior design, materials quality, or fit and finish

I don't especially enjoy sitting in the vehicle, but I realized today that I don't like it any less than the cabins of all the Cherokees (regular, not Grand) that various friends and family members have owned. My dad still drives a Cherokee, and it's obvious he gets a kick out of its rugged image. He looks for any opportunity to shift into 4 Lo. Cash-strapped friends from college were much the same way... they didn't care that they ended up with a base trim vehicle with a manual gearbox, they just wanted in on the Jeep life.

When you drive the Compass, it's obvious the decision-makers at Jeep failed to understand this tradeoff.

A cheap interior might be passable -- but only if it's incorporated into a genuinely tough vehicle with styling that reflects that level of ability. But in a vehicle with soft curves, chrome wheels, and barely enough ground clearance to see it through a six-inch snowfall, the usual campsite-grade interior furnishings don't seem justified. Few elements of the Compass cockpit operate with the fluidity its exterior lines imply -- it's a struggle to recline either of the front seats, for example, thanks to their cheap, balky levers.

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2007 Jeep Compass: Quiet Please

August 28, 2007

The Compass is far from perfect. One attribute alone makes the vehicle seem worse. Too much road noise. Fix that and I could appreciate the better than expected stereo and comfortable seats all the more.

Brian Moody, Road Test Editor @ 9,301 miles.

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