2007 Jeep Compass Long Term Road Test - Cargo Space

2007 Jeep Compass Long-Term Road Test

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2007Jeep Compass Limited: Who sits like this?

December 10, 2007

Over the weekend I folded our Jeep Compass's rear seats flat to haul some cargo. When returning them to their upright position I discovered that their seatback recline angle can be set to multiple positions, including this one. This position is less than 90 degress relative to the seat bottom (that's my handy T-square for 90-degree reference). Who sits like this?

I've been known to love a vertical seatback when driving, but less than vertical? In the rear seat? Come on. I'm not sure what the point of this postion is, but it made me laugh. Anyhow, after a few yanks and shoves I found a seatback angle better suited for humans.

Oh, and there's this:

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2007 Jeep Compass: It Encompasses A Lot

September 27, 2007

Right off the bat, I'll tell you that I'm not the biggest fan of the Compass. Its power is meager, its styling is dubious, and it's not even that comfortable. But I think that has all been said before, so I went into this looking for something nice to say and I found it. With the rear seats folded down, this diminutive Jeep has a surprising amount of space. I was in a situation on Sunday where I was going to the gym in the morning, scuba in the afternoon, and yoga in the evening, each of which needed its own gear and equipment. I wasn't sure if the Compass could handle it, but sure enough it had room to spare despite all the tanks and flippers and all. So there it is, the silver lining to the Compass. It may not haul well, but it does haul a lot.

Glenn McClanan, Broadband Producer @ 11,472 miles

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2007 Jeep Compass: IKEA-Sized SUV

September 06, 2007

Earlier this week my husband and I went to the mall by ourselves and left complimenting each other on the fact that we didn't buy anything for our seven-year-old daughter.

On the way home, we decided to stop at Ikea. Forty-five minutes later, we were loading Emma's new desk, chair, desk lamp, and other accessories into the Jeep Compass' cargo area. So much for self-control...

With the second-row seats folded down, the Compass handled the build-it-yourself furniture boxes with ease, but it was while we were unloading that I realized just how much the Compass and Ikea furniture have in common. They're both shiny on the outside, masking questionable quality on the inside. They're both built on a slightly smaller scale than the average full-size adult needs, making them functional, yet not quite comfortable. And neither the Compass nor an Ikea desk are aspirational items. They're both something you settle for until you find the replacement piece of your dreams.

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Jeep Compass: Whoever Said Jeeps Weren't Green?

July 23, 2007

Yesterday was a Sunday slotted for home improvements, you know those fix up things that have been sitting on my punch list for weeks if not months waiting to be taken care of. Number one on the list was organizing my back patio and actually making something of the unused space. We began the trek early at a local garden center figuring out what plants and flowers would be right for the beautification without requiring too much in the maintenance category (I've been known to be the cause of death for a number of purchased plants in the past!) The salesman sold me on three times the amount I was originally intending to buy and all was peachy until I had to load my potted purchases into the Compass. Though we had to work quite a bit to shift everything around in order to make it all fit, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of foliage we were able to squeeze into the compact crossover.

Driving home was a bit of a challenge since there was little room for me amid the mini- nursery, but I made in one piece along with my new garden. Extra kudos for the plastic-lined Ultrafloor in the Compass' cargo area, it made clean up of the spilled soil extremely easy and efficient.

Alison Steinlauf Anziska, Marketing Coordinator

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