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Nine years and 111,000 miles; living with the Jaq

Kevin Bowley, 12/04/2015
3.0L 4dr Sedan AWD (3.0L 6cyl 5A)
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I have owned my 2007 X-type since new, Oct 2006, and it now has 112000 miles and 9 years of relatively aggressive driving in the four seasons in Maine. The car still gets far more "looks" than my wife’s '10 Audi A4 and the chassis and suspension are still very tight, noticeable difference from the day I purchased it. It rides buttery smooth yet provides excellent feedback, on center feel, no body roll or any floaty feel even driving triple digit speeds. I have thoroughly enjoyed the car and it has been extremely reliable. Other than routine maintenance (2 sets of tires, brakes and rotors twice, changed out all driveline fluids once and filled with Mobile one at 75k as well as the transmission flush with Redline D4 Synthetic ATF) I had to replace a brake booster (480 at dealer), a water pump (325.00 at local shop), tie rod ends and a throttle position sensor. I consider 1200.00 in repairs over 9 years of hard driving and setting outside darn good. The chassis is completely rust free, paint still looks great, exhaust is still shiny steel and it the engine is very strong. It feels much stronger than its rated 230 hp albeit rather noisy when pushed to the red line. The 5-speed auto tranny is eager to upshift when left in normal mode in an effort to achieve good fuel economy. Placed in sports mode it holds the gears longer, not overly, and seems to be the better overall choice for 2 lane and city driving so I always leave it in sport mode, which it retains when shut down so when you start it after setting for 5 minutes or a week it will retain the mode it was in when you last parked it, nice. All the interior pieces show no wear, the heated Connolly leather seats are wonderfully comfortable for my 5'7" frame and show no aging, fading, ripples nor creasing and the fronts are 8 way power. Rear seat room is fair, fine when setting behind me but tight if the fronts are slid way back, they too are comfortable save for bit short for good thigh support but it works out because your feet rest on the floor just right. The rear center armrest is nice and wide with two sturdy cup holders. It has all the right safety features and then some; dual stage front airbags and a drivers knee airbag, side impact bags and overhead full length side impact bags that come out of the roof, passenger side weight sensing front airbag that also compensates for the seat position, anti-lock brakes, emergency brake assist, electronic brake force distribution, all-wheel drive, traction control and stability control (both can be disabled allowing for spinning in heavy snow with cutting power, I find it useful getting up the 30 degree hill in a foot of snow in my 2/10 mile driveway) though I don’t believe the stability control is fully disabled it does allow for aggressive off-ramp fun without interference. If left on it can be a bit overcautious as I have had it cut power during hard acceleration with a tad of oversteer on an uphill reducing radius off ramp a few times right at the apex exit. Top speed in mine is 145 give or take, which was surprising as I was sure that the computer would intervene as others had said there’s’ would cut out at 125. It was very stable with no floating and little wind buffeting. The 120-watt stereo sounds decent enough and I like the auto volume adjustment as speed increases. Reception is exceptional on both AM and FM bands with no electronic interference on the AM side, which I use frequently when commuting. It also has the Bluetooth phone module, which works without a hitch. For winter, driving the car has heated outside driver and passenger mirrors that work extremely well as do the heated windshield washer jets. The trunk is surprisingly large and is well fitted but lacks any storage compartments. I installed a couple of bins at the rear outside edges fastened with some Velcro to store such things as my bottle of fuel stabilizer and Marvel Mystery oil for use when buying fuel for my yard equipment. I also installed a stretchable net a couple feet from the rear to prevent groceries from sliding forward if a hard stop is required. To sum it up, because of the issues that plaque the early models sales plummeted and never recovered even though 2006+ models are as reliable as expected from any newer car. It can also be found at very attractive prices in the used car market and you can get a very nice highline car for the price of a Corolla yet is far more enjoyable to own. The car was also dinged for being a ford Mondeo yet it shares a mere 15 percent of Mondeo parts. It is fast, comfortable, tight, elegant, attractive, and rare. It garners attention from onlookers and it has been very reliable. I would have no reservations jumping in tomorrow and driving it to Salt Lake to visit my brother, cruising in complete comfort and confidence at 85 mph. With its resale now at about 7500.00, I have no intention nor reason to "upgrade" to a newer sports sedan as the Jag has and is a pleasure. I wis

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Cool little cat

macktee, 12/16/2006
3.0L 4dr Sedan AWD (3.0L 6cyl 5A)
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Moving from a 1994 XJ-6 to the 2007 X-type, I was pleasantly surprised by the same "Jaguar" feel of the car. It is as quick as the older car and feels every bit as stable. Very nice ride, smooth and corners like a go-kart. Get the "luxury" package. BIG difference in the interior accomodations and well worth the cost. It's small, but it's definately a Jaguar!

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Elegant Cat, Undeserved Poor Review!

Jaffrey, 05/18/2010
3.0L 4dr Sedan AWD (3.0L 6cyl 5A)
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The typical herd mentality of reviews is on full display here. For instance: 1. Reviewer claims the X type lacks power. Yet it offers more power than both the competing BMW 328xi and Mercedes C280 4 Matic. 2. Reviewer claims interior is cheap. Yet both BMW and Mercedes ship with Leatherette seats (that is vinyl) and the C280 in particular has cheap chrome around the drink holders that flake off. The interior of the x type is real leather and plastic at least as good as the competitor 3. The x type has better 0-60 acceleration than both the BMW 328xi and C280 4 Matic. I am glad I bought one after test driving the competition. It's beautifully to look at and drive.

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Great Car

BrianJaguar, 11/23/2006
3.0L 4dr Sedan AWD (3.0L 6cyl 5A)
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This is an awesome car, I bought it and I love the handling. It just hugs the corner, with its 227 HP, it just gets up and goes. It's luxury with power, I love it!!

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New X-Type

cm1, 11/01/2006
3.0L 4dr Sedan AWD (3.0L 6cyl 5A)
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I really enjoy this car. It's sporty and fast. The interior comforts are beautiful although a little small (but I'm coming from a Sedan Deville.) There is a lot of power and the trans is smooth. The size is perfect and I'm impressed with the safety, including side curtain airbags. It's a got a beautiful paint job and nice leather- great radio with CD. Corners perfectly and really holds the road and it's good in the snow. So far I'm very happy with my new car.

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