Voice Control Navigation - 2011 Hyundai Sonata Long-Term Road Test

2011 Hyundai Sonata Long-Term Road Test

2011 Hyundai Sonata: Voice Control Navigation

July 23, 2010


Does your car have voice control for its navigation system? Do you use it? I've never really bothered and typically just key stuff in. I noticed our Sonata's navigation system is voice operated, though, so I played around with it a bit this morning. Seems to work fine in my very limited testing. It takes about twice as long to enter an address via voice command than the touchscreen. And Hyundai keeps the navigation menus operational when you're driving (thank you!) so the quick way is definitely the screen. But for keeping your eyes on the road, voice command seems nice.

A video of me entering our office's address to the Sonata's navigation system by voice command follows after the jump. It will likely be the least exciting video you watch today, though it does have a slight movie reference near the end, which you might catch if you haven't fallen asleep already.

Go Sonata!

Brent Romans, Senior Automotive Editor

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