PRNDL and Other Sniglets - 2011 Hyundai Sonata GLS Long-Term Road Test

2011 Hyundai Sonata Long-Term Road Test

2011 Hyundai Sonata GLS: PRNDL and Other Sniglets

December 09, 2010


Before I get lost in Sniglets, let me first explain what led me there. Last night I found the gear indicator (PRNDL - pronounced prehn-duhl), a little distracting. It's quite a bit brighter than the rest of the gauges and indicators. I fiddled with the illumination adjustments, but found it adjusted everything except for the PRNDL and the arrows on the AC's "mode man". Those lights only got brighter when I selected the maximum setting. If you drive with your hands at 9:00 and 3:00, your forearm will block the PRNDL, but I keep my hands lower to facilitate shuffle steering. I suppose that if I owned this car, I'd affix some dark window tint film over it and that'd be that.

On to Sniglets...

Back in the 80's, there was a show called Not Necessarily the News on HBO. If you remember it, congratulations, you're old. On the show, comedian Rich Hall had a recurring bit called Sniglets. A Sniglet is any word that doesn't appear in the dictionary, but should. PRNDL was one of the featured sniglets, and last night's bout of PRNDLitis got me thinking about other automotive sniglets. I present to you, a small sampling.

Aeropalmics - The study of wind resistance conducted by holding a cupped hand out the car window.

Carbage - The trash found in your car.

Cargument - when two or more people in a car have a serious disagreement and then are forced to sit in close proximity until they reach their destination.

Carnography - TV ads featuring impossibly shiny cars driven at impossible speeds down empty roads by gorgeous men with beautiful women looking on adoringly from the passenger seat.

Carstipation - When your car engine just about turns over and will not start.

Carthritis - Chronic mechanical malfunctions characterized by stiffness, inflammation, and sometimes destruction of ones car; automotive old age.

Curbswell - A seismic condition in which the curb on the passenger side of a car will rise and wedge a car door. The passenger must then climb out and stand on the curb until the swelling goes down.

EssoAsso - A driver that cuts through a gas station to bypass a traffic signal and other vehicles.

Fenderberg - The large glacial deposits that form on the insides of car fenders during snowstorms. (see also: Carbooger, Carsicle)

Ignisecond - The overlapping moment of time when the hand is locking the car door even as the brain is saying "my keys are in there!"

Impassenger - when you're in your car trying to unlock it for the passenger to get in and they're a little too fast and pull up on the handle while its still locked

Kawashock - the act of pulling into a parking space, only to discover at the last moment that a motorcycle has already taken the spot.

Lotshock - The act of parking your car, walking away, and then watching it roll past you.

Magnocartic - An automotive affliction ensures that a car will, when left unattended, attract shopping carts.

Pediddel - A car with only one working headlight. (Related to LEDDIDEP: a car with only one working taillight. )

Phistel - The brake pedal on the passenger side of the car that you wish existed when you're riding with a lunatic.

Rignition - The embarrassing action of trying to start one's car with the engine already running.

TADTS an acronym for "They all do that, sir," commonly uttered by Lotus mechanics to their customers.

Got any car-related Sniglets of your own?

Mark Takahashi, Associate Editor

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