2010 Honda Insight Long Term Road Test - Maintenance Updates

2010 Honda Insight Long Term Road Test - Maintenance Updates

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2010 Honda Insight EX: Serviced and Good to Go

June 11, 2010

honda dealership line.jpg

I didn't have an appointment and there were several vehicles ahead of me, but it took just an hour and 40 minutes today for the service department at a local Honda dealership to change the Insight's oil, rotate its tires and do the familiar no-charge safety inspection (which, blessedly, did not lead to any upselling).

As Chris Walton predicted yesterday in this post, the tab was not the $40.70 estimated by the Edmunds Maintenance Guide. Nor was it less than the $73.44 we paid at the Insight's last service, back in December. I paid $75.38. But that should hold us for awhile.

Carroll Lachnit, Features Editor @ 19,962

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2010 Honda Insight EX: Time for Service

June 10, 2010

ServiceSoon 005-1600.jpg

Just like Erin's post in December, our friendly Honda Insight popped up a little Maintenance Minder message the other day, but this one is B1. And unlike our Prius's cryptic "Maint Reqd" light, it turns out this B1 thing is pretty specific.

Besides a bunch of additional inspection items that the A1 service didn't require, many of you will be happy to notice B1 does call for a new oil filter.

According to the manual, the car is asking for the following:

The "B" part:

Replace engine oil and oil filter, Inspect front and rear brakes, Check parking brake adjustment, Inspect these items: Tie rod ends, steering gear box, and boots, Suspension components, Driveshaft boots, Brake hoses and lines (including ABS/VSA), All fluid levels and condition of fluids, Exhaust system, Fuel lines and connections.

And the "1" part: Rotate tires.

Since A1's simple oil change/tire rotation should have cost us $40, but ended up being $73.44 (oof), we have our doubts that this one is going to less expensive. According to Edmunds.com's itemized Maintenance Guide for this car, the total cost should be about $65 bucks. We'll see. Maybe we can convince Dan to do another weekend DIY project.

Chief Road Test Editor, Chris Walton @ 14,775 miles

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2010 Honda Insight: Service Complete

December 04, 2009


Our 2010 Honda Insight is back from Honda of Santa Monica, and my credit card now shows a $73.44 charge. (Too rich for your blood? Yeah, welcome to life on LA's West Side -- if you want convenience, you're going to pay for it.) The final bill was right in line with the estimate the service advisor gave me.

Though this dealership has a web coupon for a $29.88 oil/filter change, the advisor informed me that 0W20 oil specified for the Insight and Civic Hybrid costs extra. Quite a bit extra. Total charges for the oil change was $45.56, and $29.64 of that went to 4 quarts of oil. Although, the Insight only uses 3.4 quarts. So if it was my car, I might bring my own and then sweet-talk the service advisor into giving that extra half-quart back.

The tire rotation cost $24.95, and I paid $2.93 in tax. The advisor, cashier and porters were all polite and responsive, which made for a pleasant experience.

Below is the page in the owner's manual that shows the service required for each code. As as you'll note, no oil filter change for the "A" service. And that saved us six whole bucks!

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2010 Honda Insight EX: Time for an Oil Change

December 04, 2009


A service light has been coming on at startup in our 2010 Honda Insight EX since Tuesday night. Checking the owner's manual, I learned that the "Service Due Now" message indicates that estimated oil life is somewhere between 1 and 5 percent (and come to think of it, I've been seeing a "5% oil life" message flash before the above alert comes on steady). If the car perceives that its oil quality has dropped to 0 percent, you'd see a "Service Past Due" message.

Honda uses letter and number codes in the Insight to indicate what type of service the car requires. "A" indicates a basic oil change with no oil filter change. "1" indicates a tire rotation.

When I dropped our Insight off for service this morning, the service advisor was slightly dismayed that we were seeing "A" rather than "B." The latter indicates a more major service (with an oil filter change among other things), and he thought the car should be asking for "B" given that it's nearing the 10,000-mile mark. But it's not, so we're doing the cheaper "A1" service.

I'll give you a rundown of the final costs after we pick the car up later today.

Erin Riches, Senior Editor @ 9,641 miles

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