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I love it!

DJA123, 01/02/2007
EX 4dr SUV AWD (2.4L 4cyl 5A)
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I don't know why these aren't more popular. The look is different but not really grows on you. It's a comfortable, roomy and reliable multi- purpose vehicle that sells for about $22K with AWD. People are afraid of the quirky style but they are missing out on a fun and practical vehicle. It really makes you feel young at heart regardless of age. If you are on the fence because of the way it looks, believe me, the Element will win you over. It's really fun, practical and a great value!

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First Non Jeep/Dodge

Michael, 09/22/2006
LX 4dr SUV AWD (2.4L 4cyl 5M)
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Finally recieved it last night after a month wait. Driven about 80 miles so far and it's great. I test drove an 06 LX automatic, but ordered the 07 LX manual because I feel that manuals are more enjoyable, and I liked the added standard features and changes on the 07 model. The element is roomy, and drives well. I like the addition of the standard door lock remote, side curtain airbags, and the fact that the seat belt now retracts into the seat. Have not yet figured out gas mileage, but I know it's better than the Dakota I had. The manual shifter is well placed, easily reachable, and shifts well. I am very pleased so far, and would recommend to friends and family.

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It's a good fit!

Lisa, 01/01/2007
SC 4dr SUV (2.4L 4cyl 5A)
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Traded in a '03 Accord EX V6 for the '07 Element SC. I really bought it for function and convenience (I have 3 dogs), but found there's a lot more I like about it. The SC model was much more stylish and handled a little better because of the bigger rims and tires and lowered base. It's fun to drive. You feel like you're in an SUV but driving a car. I was worried I'd feel the change going from a V6 to a 4 cyl and not like the car as much, but it hasn't bothered me at all... it's pretty good off the start and once you get going, no problem passing others or getting on the freeway. I like it more and more each day.

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Value and Style

Trent, 12/13/2006
SC 4dr SUV (2.4L 4cyl 5A)
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Just got my Element last week after going in to drive the CR-V. While the CRV is nicer and more refined than previous years, there is just no room for my toys and gear. The Element started to be more attractive from a pure cost of ownership standpoint, as I was looking at leasing a more expensive vehicle originally, but I could purchase the Element for the roughly the same monthly payment. I drove both the SC and standard model, and love the handling of the SC and the unique interior trim points. I'll miss 4WD, but love the wider tires and improved headlight/front end look. I drove it in snow/ice 2 days after purchasing, and although I was a bit tense without 4WD there, it was good.

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kris corah, 03/01/2017
LX 4dr SUV AWD (2.4L 4cyl 5A)
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4 years with our element. Honestly there isn't much to complain about it, but I just never grew to love it. The transmission annoys me, it's constantly hunting thru the gear, yes, I know it's getting me the best mileage it can. The shifts aren't hard or harsh. In fact they aren't unpleasant at all, I just find it annoying listening to the engine cycle up and down as the trans constantly shifts at every rise or dip in the road. The highway at 70 is truly busy for the transmission. Road noise is a bit on the loud side as well. Crosswinds are fairly disruptive, pushing the car around on the road. The rear doors are a love/hate item for me as well. There is a different routine to using them in parking lots and requires some forethought. Getting in/out with kids can be an exercise in frustration. I've been trapped between the doors many times, doing some sort of dance/juggling to get into position to be able to get out from between the doors so they can be closed. The doors open about 90 degrees which makes getting in/out and loading easier but brings the doors in range of neighboring cars in parking lots. When a 5 yr old leans on the door to get out it is simple for the door to swing open enough to bump the car beside you. Aside from the low tire pressure monitor coming on and staying on about a year after we got the car it has been almost faultless. Fuel mileage is not very good. we get about 22-23 most of the time, a mile or 2 less in the winter and it will get 24+ on the highway at speed. the best mileage I've seen was 26. On the plus side, it's roomy, for its size. The seats fold flat or swing up clearing most of the floor. They can be removed but I'd rather take a punch from mike Tyson. Our 5 year old loves to "decorate" the car by drawing on the matte black plastic panels with sidewalk chalk. It's a nice conversation piece. The people at my wife's work love it. It is an excellent choice for someone with small kids and/or dogs. We fold the back flat on one seat (rear) and our great Dane lays there next to the kid in his car seat. 3-6-18. still have this thing. we will probably be trading it in the next few months when we decide on a replacement. It has held up pretty well. The seats have stains and the passenger side dash has a weird discoloration on the accent panel. The tach needle fell off about 6 months ago. there is a rust spot on the driverside rear door. all in al we got our moneys worth out of it. going on 160,000 miles.

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