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4 out of 5 stars
Moved from Honda and Toyota to GMC
Denali 4dr SUV AWD (3.6L 6cyl 6A)
We had owned a 201 Honda Pilot EX-L and we really thought it fit our needs well. We had several mechanical issues over the course of ownership, though, and some recent trouble with it - plus the 120k miles - and we were ready for a new vehicle. My wife and two young daughters test drove the new Pilot and Highlander and none of us liked them. Really, at all. Even though I wanted to like them, I just didn't. Then we test drove a 2017 Acadia Denali. We all liked this car much more than our 2010 Pilot - and WAAAYYYY more than the new Pilot and Highlander cars we test drove. We did a pile of research and decided to go forward with the purchase. It was easy to find one trimmed like we wanted. We were realistic - we were used to the space the 2010 Pilot had and this vehicle has less; that is just a fact. However, it rides better, gets better mileage, has a simpler dash and climate/infotainment interface/controls. A few drawbacks - the USB ports which are all over the place (in a good way) - are labeled as not to be used for charging devices. To me, that is really their sole purpose (beyond the option to plug in a USB drive with music in the front dash). I haven't tried using them for charging but I assume they will charge a device. Another mild drawback is the faux wood trim panels. It is pretty 'faux' - I'd rather have a satin metal look than this plastic wood - and this is in the "Denali" trim (which to me is the luxury level - "Professional Grade"). There is an occasional 'shudder' when driving it - like a transmission shift-point confusion or maybe the 2 cylinder shutdown process. It has only happened a few times and it isn't a big deal but you can 'feel' something odd for a few moments while driving. The climate controls are easy to use/understand - I struggle with some of the cars out today that have buttons/knobs with multiple icons on them and you need to take 10 minutes to figure out how to do what you want. The Acadia system is simple. Same with the touchscreen - it isn't full of visual noise. It's a few big icons/tiles. The seats are comfortable, road noise is minimal and the interior is just a wonderful place to be. I go sit in the car in the driveway :) The kids love the 'captains' chairs they get (and the heat option). The third row seats are comfortable, too and there is space for adults. If you use them, though, you are just about out of space - there isn't much if you flip those 3rd row seats up. We took an 8 hr trip recently with the car and it performed well - highway driving and long-term sitting/travelling was fine for all of us. The car accelerates strongly and handles well - much better than our 2010 Pilot. The various drive controls (2w/AW/sport/etc) are easy to use/switch and seem to give it a bit more oompf and 'sportier' handling. A drawback - there isn't a dash indication of what mode you're in. Another drawback - there aren't blinkers on the sideview mirrors - this is a good safety feature to me on the highway when changing lanes to indicate to drivers on your diagonal that you're moving over. The wheels are glorious and I favor Michelin tires and our model has them. The interior lighting is nice and the LED DRLs are great. Some reviews say it's hard to see at night w/ the headlights - I don't share that viewpoint at all - the HIDs light the road very well. The bright lights are maybe a bit dimmer than one might expect but I don't feel it's limiting in any way. As to 'active safety' there is a lot going on - there is low speed help w/ 360 degree camera 'bird's eye' coverage - helpful when parking/backing out of the garage, etc. The backup camera is nice; the guidelines curve as the steering wheel is turned. A helpful feature is the seat vibrates to let the driver know there is something to be aware of - if there is an 'object' on the left, the left side of the seat vibrates (same w/ the right). If it is in front/behind, the whole seat vibrates. You can change this to a beep if the seat vibrating freaks you out. I'd like to be able to have both - audible and vibration - but that isn't a choice; it's either/or. There is also low-speed and automatic braking if the car senses objects in front - I can't tell if this works or not. There is also the adaptive cruise control (related to the auto-braking) and this does work - it was nice on our recent trip - if I approached a vehicle in my lane, cruise would ease back and hold until I switched lanes (or the other car did) and then it would resume my set speed. It did this without gunning the throttle, either - I've been in those cars where 'resume' thinks it's a race back to the set speed. I can't say much about the reliability yet. Fuel economy is fine/as expected. The dash has several 'modes' that you can cycle through to see instant fuel economy/per trip/per last xx miles, etc. On our road trip, I think we were getting 26 mpg on the highway (there is a feature to turn off 2 of the 6 cyl).
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