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2013 Ford Mustang Review

  • This 2013 Ford Mustang video review talks about all its models, including the V6, V8-powered GT, Boss 302 and Shelby GT500. We compare it to other performance coupe and convertible models while also discussing price, features, safety and technology like Sync.

    The Ford Mustang is America's favorite pony car. Although others have taken some of its thunder in recent years, the Mustang is a known quantity that offers great bang-for-the-buck.

    Pricing starts around $22,000 for the V6. V8 GTs begin around $30,000, while our Premium V6 test car came in around $32,000. There are also convertibles, as well as Boss 302 and Shelby GT500 models for the power-crazed. Today we're focusing on the V6.

    The materials inside this rather retro cockpit are OK, but the styling, especially the center stack, is bland. On the bright side, you can change the color of the gauges to liven things up. We were able to pair our phones pretty easily through the Sync voice activation system, but sometimes Sync doesn't like to recognize the iPhone as an audio device.

    The front leather-covered seats are quite comfortable and the rear seat is surprisingly usable for even average-size adults. However, the door pockets are pathetically useless. Trunk space is 12.3 cubic feet.

    The standard V6 makes a hearty 305 horsepower. But it's better suited to the six-speed manual than this optional six-speed automatic, which robs the car of some zip. We do like that it has a manual-shifting function now.

    Fuel economy is an important selling point in the V6 coupe segment, and the Ford Mustang sips gasoline just a bit more gingerly than its muscle car competitors, at 19 city/31 highway/23 combined mpg.

    It earned an overall rating of four stars out of a possible five in government crash testing. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave it a top score of "Good" for frontal offset and a second-best "Acceptable" for side-impact.

    Unlike Hyundai's more sophisticated Genesis Coupe, the Ford Mustang V6 isn't a true sports car. The steering is rather slow and handling isn't exactly what we'd call precise. However, most will be content that the ride is fairly plush. Performance packages improve handling, but are harsher.

    Americans keep coming back to this famous pony car because, well, it's a Mustang. It's an iconic machine that still remains cool.

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