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2012 Ford Focus Video Review

  • Note: This review also applies to the 2013 Ford Focus as no major changes were made since the 2012 Ford Focus.

    This 2012 Ford Focus video review includes information about price, fuel economy, safety and technology features like MyFord Touch. We compare it to other compact sedans and hatchbacks, and talk about what it's like to drive.

    The Ford Focus is a world-class small car. It's a monumental improvement over the previous Focus, and we consider it the new benchmark in the compact four-door sedan and hatchback segment. It's also available in an electric car version and as the high-performance Focus ST.

    Pricing starts around $17,000 for a base SE sedan with a manual transmission and goes up to about $23,000 for a fully loaded Titanium trim hatchback with an automated manual transmission. The SE with the Super Fuel Economy package in this video costs about $19,000.

    While the handsome exterior of the Ford Focus might be what initially sets the hook, it's the upscale passenger cabin that will reel you in. The interior is attractive and quiet, and the materials are best-in-class. However, the layout of gauges and controls is a little complicated even on lower trim levels.

    The optional MyFord Touch system provides some neat customization possibilities, but we've found that the virtual buttons are difficult to identify at a glance and often fail to respond properly. Make sure to try it on a test-drive.

    Another possible complaint is rear-seat legroom, which trails that of some competitors. However, you shouldn't have a problem up front as the comfortable and supportive front seats adjust for a wide variety of drivers.

    The Focus comes standard with a 2.0-liter 160-horsepower four-cylinder that returns fuel economy of 31 mpg combined with an automatic transmission. This Super Fuel Economy version gets 33 mpg combined or 40 mpg highway. There's also the Focus Electric that can go about 76 miles on one charge.

    Perhaps the best attribute of the Focus is how it drives, regardless of whether you're someone who values comfort or an energetic driving experience. Its ride is well-damped and comfortable, its handling is sharp and the cabin is remarkably quiet for this segment. It really feels like a step above the rest.

    Indeed, the Ford Focus is one of our favorite compact sedans and you'd be wise to give it a thorough test-drive.

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