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It just so happens..

JeepBoy, 09/30/2004
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When a sports car enthusiast spends $40K on any performance car, then additional $10K on tuning, functionality and looks, he does not want to be overtaken while accelerating on a highway onramp. But this is exactly what happens when that "sports car" is lined up with this SRT-4. I will put this car against any $40K+ ride any day, and rest easy knowing that I paid more than 50% less for showing him what my rear looks like. Why? SRT-4 told me to do it. No really - car wants to be driven fast fast fast. I Tried to explain that to the authorities too.

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I had a wreck in Neon

Joshua Vaughn, 11/14/2010
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I was rear ended on the highway by a truck that was doing around 55 mph and I came out without a scratch the car body performed wonderful, it totaled the car but I was unhurt I was very impressed.

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Still a fast car.

JoeBlo, 10/30/2019
SRT-4 4dr Sedan (2.4L 4cyl Turbo 5M)
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Lower control arms last about 30,000 miles. Clutch fork and pivot ball last about 60,000. Calipers and wheel bearings went around 80,000. Clear coat starts peeling about 7 years after production if vehicle parked mostly outside. Other than that ZERO problems! Currently replacing struts, rubbers, bushings etc at the 15 year mark.

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Has served me well for 67k miles

powerllama, 10/16/2013
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I bought this car new in 2004. I've driven it ever since. I don't put as much mileage on cars as do other people, but 9 years and 67k miles can do a lot. The car is incredibly roomy on the inside, and easily fits four. Though it's not great for road-trips, as it doesn't have cruise control. But boy is it quick. It doesn't handle corners well, and has a giant turning radius, but in a straight line it's hard to beat for the price. Other than that, it's just a normal car. Nothing too special about it.

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Great First Car

jc960551, 09/30/2010
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I brought the Dodge Neon with about 45,000 miles on it. i had a few small problems with it in the beginning, but because it was under warranty it got fixed for free. I recently got in a car accident and ended my rolling my car into a ditch. This car's strong auto frame helped save my life. I walked away completely unhurt. When i crashed my car i had over 110,000 miles with no present problems.

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