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S-10 Extreme

Zelmo, 03/31/2002
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The S-10 extreme has been an exceptional vehicle for it's price range. I have put 34000 miles on it since buying it used in 2000. It has only had to have new front brake pads and noting else other than oil changes and filters. It is loaded with accessories and has been great for the price range it is in. It looks great and the interior has held up well. The only problem at all with the vehicle is that it has a 4 cyl. motor that is some what under powered for all the othe features of the vehicle.

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1999 and here it is still running in 2017

Jaywil, 05/24/2017
LS 2dr Extended Cab Stepside SB
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First off. Cheap plastic . Alot of the truck inside is cheap "snappable" plastic inlcuding the console which has a fix available online. The engine compartment also has a decent amount of cheap plastic. Especially above cooling fan and around radiator. However , my gas mileage is great, only big fix is a new fuel tank , fuel neck and fuel pump_ also new flywheel_ starter alternator_ brake light lens and that's about it. Had rear main seal replaced while flywheel was changed. Truck is pretty damn reliable after only having it over two years and it being a used vehicle. Almost 199k miles at the moment and I've had it since about 178k (At 218k she is still running for being 20 years old or so.) Body rot and patches to cover it to make it pass inspection. However she just passed inspection despite not being pretty. Safety only counts but , she still runs for being old and reliable. Maybe not pulling uphill the fastest but, you'll get there at 4 cylinders. *Body rots as well as frame quicker with New England road salt. *Truck old as hell but, still chugging along. *The interior will always be cheap plastic but,somehwhat comfy.

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No regrets, but one...

hishiad, 06/14/2008
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I got this truck basically as a gift since I had been driving the cheapest thing we could fine when I start back on my associates degree. My parents were kind enough to pay for the truck (no complaints there!). Anyway I've had the truck over a year now and drove it daily. A few complaints I've had could be the reliability or the fact the previous owner didn't take too well care of the truck. First the seats I absolutely hate the adjustable handles are flimsy (both have been broken off completely!) and the material has ripped easily as well. It's the 4.3 vor-tec so it'll fly. I've no problem with how it drives, other than issues with break downs.

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My truck

Gilgal, 11/07/2005
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I replaced the rear end twice in the first year I owned it. I have had the have the third door hand replaced and it is broken again. Neither of the seats recline anymore, both handles broke.

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been great for me

mikal2, 07/11/2004
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I bought this truck new. It fits my needs well. The truck has been back to the dealer twice for minor repairs, one muffler and one hyd.line. It averages 22mpg consistently, and will get 26+ in extended highway driving. I have used Amsoil since the first oil change,and have experienced no oil loss to note. I did have to replace the radio in 2002, when the cd player quit working. The lever for the driver's side seatback broke shortly after purchase, due to poor design, and inferior materials. Overall, I have been satisfied with it.

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