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Good truck

coloradoguy615, 09/26/2012
4dr Crew Cab Z71 LS 4WD SB (3.5L 5cyl 4A)
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I own a 2005 Colorado Z71 LS Crew. She looks great and handles amazing. Can't say too much about the interior (very bland, but does the job). I've owned her for about a year now and I've only had to replace the brakes. For buying the thing with 100k miles and putting 19k on in 11 months it's very surprising. She handles great on and off road. Plenty of power in the I5. I wouldn't pass the 2005 model year up for any reason. Looks better than the 2012 IMO. I drove a Dodge for 10 years and a 1999 F150 for 6 years. I've been a loyal ford guy my whole life, this truck changed me to a chevy guy. Good truck, cheap to fix, easy to maintain.

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Bestest vehicle I ever owned

persianguy40, 04/23/2012
4dr Crew Cab Z71 LS Rwd SB (3.5L 5cyl 4A)
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OK. I owned a 1987 VW Golf in the 90s. 1995 BMW 325is in late 90s. Ford sport trac 2001. Toyota Tercel 1993. Toyota Corolla 2005. Any finally my beloved 2005 4 door colorado 2-wheel drive. This is a perfect vehicle. Not too small, not too big. Looks good and aggressive. Engine sounds good, sporty, reliable. 5 cylinder engine sounds weird but it works great. Compared to my friends who have 6 or 8 cylinder trucks this truck is very easy on gasoline. I get 27 miles/gallon on freeway, and 22 on streets. Don't forget this is a truck, and you can do all things a truck can do with this awsome truck. I bouight the truck in 2007. It had 50,000 milies on it. Now it has 99,500.

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Love my Black Xtreme

John, 02/17/2016
4dr Crew Cab ZQ8 LS Base Rwd SB (3.5L 5cyl 4A)
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Bought it new in 2006. Had an issue with hvac fan motor resistor and connector other than that truck has been very reliable and a pleasure to drive.

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Take this truck and ...

Truckhound, 06/24/2010
2dr Regular Cab Z85 Fleet Rwd SB (2.8L 4cyl 5M)
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The truck I have is a company vehicle I've used since new. It only failed to start once and I only needed to wait 10 minutes to have it start. Reason unknown. This truck has been serviced regularly and performs flawlessly. Canadian winters are no obstacle as long as you have winter tires and keep a couple of sand bags over the rear axle for severe winters. If driven with a light touch the fuel economy is outstanding even with a decent load. The interior is very spartan cheap in fact. It is functional, the climate controls work well but I dearly miss a center armrest of some kind. There isn't much this truck won't do. You can take this truck, put it to task and it won't let you down!

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my cool colorado

John, 03/07/2010
4dr Crew Cab ZQ8 LS Rwd SB (3.5L 5cyl 4A)
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I bought my colorado with 43K miles from an auction. I really like it allot. I have a lower than usual RWD pick-up truck with a stock sport suspension and stock 17's so the ride is pretty.....well....sporty! I can say one thing, when this car is on the freeway going about 65 mph. you can't even feel it. It's very smooth, even though the acceleration is pretty darn right lazy for a 5 cyl. engine. Engine and transmission is a charm, good job GM (general motors). I love this truck, looks good and does the job. I can even use it as a family car since I have the crew cab. 5 adults can ride comfortably, and there is no problem putting a baby chair in the back.

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wayne, 11/28/2009
4dr Crew Cab Z71 LS 4WD SB (3.5L 5cyl 4A)
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The vehicle was purchased in 07 with only 15k. .I drove it through the winter and summer without problem. Possibly ran 5k.In the fall of the year I was on a dirt trail, rough road for the weekend trip. Afterwards I had to replace the front ball joints as they had been worn. Also all four shocks were leaking fluid and I replaced those also. The original shocks are not much more than a piece of plastic covering a cylinder My neighbor had just purchased a new Colorado, 4 cylinder,two wheel drive (2009)and his shocks are the same as what I had. I have a 4x4 what is up with that? The factory shocks and front end parts are garbage.I replaced with after market .So much for Mr.Goodwrench

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Nice looking but too many problems

PHOQUR, 11/14/2008
4dr Crew Cab Z71 LS 4WD SB (3.5L 5cyl 4A)
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Got this truck and it was great. The promise of an inline 5 engine to save gas seemed promising but it burns gas hard. The first thing to go bad was the air conditioning, it would just stop and only the highest speed (4) would work and the others would start when they want to. Then there was a problem where the brake lights would stop working, had to take it in to the dealer to fix these problems a lot and just the brake switch is OK now after we found there was a recall on the brake switch. The engine has this problem now that the dealer claims to have fixed twice where the RPM drops low/stalls and causes overheating cause engine fan spins too slow and the lights get dim.

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GM fails again!

dhectorg, 07/29/2008
4dr Crew Cab Z85 LS Base 4WD SB (2.8L 4cyl 5M)
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I grew up in a GM household and as an adult, I too only drove GM cars for years. Then I decided to try a Honda to see what all the fuss was about. I was so shocked by the superior quality and reliability that I never went back to American...until now. I needed a work truck and something to drive on camping trips. I honestly only bought the Colorado because it was so much cheaper than a comparable used Tacoma or Frontier. After 6 months of driving this truck, Ive decided to sell it and look for a Toyota or Nissan. I've had to repair the transfer case, replace the clutch, replace relays, replace windshield weather seal, etc. I'm going back to Japanese. I know I can count on their quality!

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Best Truck for the money

Brian-33, 03/20/2007
4dr Crew Cab Z71 LS 4WD SB (3.5L 5cyl 4A)
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I bought my Colorado in the summer of 2005 during the height of the employee discount sales and got a fantastic deal. I now have over 32,000 miles on my Colorado and I love it. The styling is great, the interier while a bit over-plastic in some areas seems to be holding up better then my S-10 Blazer. The 6-disk CD player is great, and overall the truck is fairly comfortable on long trips. The ride is impeccable for a 4x4 truck, rides like a car on trips, and a truck when it needs to. Having owned multiple 4x4's this one is the best and most stable negotiating icy roads. Gas mileage is good (20MPG on avg). The engine needs a bit more refinement as it seems to stuggle in high altitutes.

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pb, 02/27/2008
4dr Crew Cab Z71 LS Base 4WD SB (3.5L 5cyl 4A)
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Truck was my office. Put over 103,735 miles on in two and half yrs. Rear ujoint only thing replaced besides tires. From the hottest humid weather to -12 actual temp no problems starting. Rolled begining of feb 08 on to roof. Truck totaled. Cab held up with windshield spider cracking in one corner and that's it. Walked away no sctraches. Drove truck home when rolled onto wheels.

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