2018 BMW M4

2018 BMW M4
Save up to $1,000
2018 BMW M4
Save up to $1,000


  • Sharp and responsive handling doesn't sacrifice much comfort
  • Stout brakes and tires are capable and trustworthy
  • A well-finished interior fitted with many standard features


  • Steering is less connected than we'd expect from this class of vehicle
  • Engine and exhaust sounds are off-putting
  • Competitors offer more powerful and exciting engines
BMW M4 years

Which M4 does Edmunds recommend?

The 2018 BMW M4 comes in one trim level, so your big choices are whether to choose coupe or convertible and manual or dual-clutch automatic transmission. The manual gives you a level of driver engagement that you don't get with the dual-clutch; the dual-clutch is quicker-shifting and much easier to live with in congested traffic. Beyond that, our top picks on the options list are the Competition package, if only for the amazing-looking 20-inch forged wheels, and the Executive package for its LED headlights and head-up display, among other upgrades.

Edmunds' Expert Review

Overall rating

7.3 / 10

The 2018 BMW M4 represents an ideal marriage of sporting capability and luxury in one car. Based on the brand's 4 Series, the M4 receives comprehensive upgrades that make it equally capable of flying along a mountain road, lapping a racetrack or just comfortably commuting to work.

Essentially, the M4 is the hot-rodded version of the 4 Series coupe and convertible. It gets the typical BMW M division treatment, including a significantly more powerful twin-turbo inline six-cylinder engine, stickier tires, bigger brakes and subtly more aggressive styling. The conversion to M status doesn't diminish the 4 Series' luxury quotient either. The ride is compliant enough to drive the M4 and enjoy it daily, the seats are comfortable for a road trip and the interior still boasts attractive materials and logically placed controls. And even though it's a two-door, the M4 has decently roomy rear seats and a useful trunk.

If you're looking for a sports car that's more livable day to day or you want something a little more exciting than the standard luxury coupe or convertible, you'd do well to pick the 2018 BMW M4.

2018 BMW M4 configurations

The 2018 BMW M4 is a two-door, four-passenger high-performance car that's based on the company's 4 Series and offered as a coupe or a convertible. We're big fans of the M4's excellent balance of performance and comfort. And while we'd recommend buying a few optional extras, the M4 is going to be a joy to drive every day regardless of how you equip it.

As you'd probably expect with a high-end two-door such as the M4, there's plenty of standard equipment. For starters, you get a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine (425 hp, 406 lb-ft) and either a six-speed manual transmission or an optional seven-speed, dual-clutch automatic. Also included is launch control, automatic rev-matching on downshifts, 18-inch wheels with summer tires, an adaptive sport-tuned suspension (a standard nonadaptive suspension is a no-cost option), an electronically controlled rear differential, keyless ignition and entry, dual-zone automatic climate control, leather upholstery, power front sport seats with heating, driver-seat memory settings and fold-down rear seatbacks.

In addition to the performance and cabin basics, the M4 has a decent amount of standard tech equipment, including an 8.8-inch display screen with BMW's iDrive infotainment interface, a rearview camera, a 16-speaker Harman Kardon surround-sound audio system, Bluetooth, navigation, a suite of smartphone and online applications under the BMW ConnectedDrive banner, HD radio and satellite radio, a USB audio input and a CD player.

A few key optional packages are available for the M4 as well. The Competition package ups the M4's power rating to 444 hp and adds 20-inch wheels, revised settings for the adaptive suspension, an even sportier exhaust and some interior trim upgrades such as M stripes on the seat belts. The Executive package adds full LED headlights, automatic high beams, side- and top-view cameras, an automated parking system, head-up display, and speed limit information.

Other options include 19-inch wheels, carbon-ceramic brakes, a heated steering wheel, parking sensors, blind-spot monitoring, a power rear sunshade (coupe only), a head-up display, Apple CarPlay and wireless device charging.

On the coupe, you get your choice of either a roof made of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic or a traditional steel roof with a sunroof. The M4 convertible has a power-retractable hardtop with a wind blocker, as well as extended leather upholstery and door trim incorporating sun-reflective technology. When equipped with the Executive package, the convertible also includes front-seat neck warmers.

Trim tested

Each vehicle typically comes in multiple versions that are fundamentally similar. The ratings in this review are based on our Full Test of the 2015 BMW M4 Coupe (turbo 3.0L inline-6 | 6-speed manual | RWD).

NOTE: Since this test was conducted, the current BMW M4 has received some revisions, including the addition of standard adaptive suspension and an optional Competition package, which increases horsepower. Despite those changes, our findings remain broadly applicable to this year's BMW M4.


The M4 drives a lot like a sports car. It accelerates with potency, turns sharply and stops quickly. There's little reason to crave more performance, though the steering doesn't communicate much road feel to the driver. Still, this is a car that does an impressive number of things very well.


The turbo 3.0-liter six-cylinder feels eager, alert and powerful. Sharp at low revs, has a strong midrange and is willing to rev with great throttle response at any speed. In Edmunds testing, an M4 with a manual transmission hit 60 mph in 4.4 seconds and the quarter-mile in 12.4 seconds at 116 mph.


The M4's brake pedal is firm. The powerful (optional) carbon-ceramic brakes on our test car have excellent modulation and great stopping power. There are some groans at low speeds but that's expected. In a simulated-panic stop from 60 mph to zero, the M4 took just 106 feet, an excellent result.


Steering on the M4 is well-weighted and precise, but it's lacking the feel we expect from cars in this class. That lack of feel becomes even more pronounced when you get closer to the car's elevated handling limits, but in-town steering should be sufficient for most drivers.


No surprises here: The M4 has lots of grip and excellent agility. The car's immense handling capabilities inspire lots of confidence while you're driving fast. This is especially rewarding for drivers who are attentive in managing weight transfer. We measured an impressive 0.98g around our skidpad.


This car is a great example of cohesive integration of the primary driving controls. The manual gearbox in our test car had slick, bright and fast shifts. Drive this car every day and you'll be able to tell that its nuances were fussed over.


Everyday use is no problem for this car. It's properly sporting but totally user-friendly. The ride is supple enough for your commute, and noise will never wear you down. Its seats in particular stand out for their ability to do it all.

Seat comfort

Outstanding front-seat comfort no matter whether you are exploring a mountain road or just cruising. The combination of leather and cloth is unusual but effective. The backseat is reasonably comfortable for adults.

Ride comfort

This is a firm-riding car, no doubt, but there's a suppleness to the dampers that rounds off the edges. Nobody will mistake its ride quality for that of a Bentley, but for a sporting vehicle it is quite good.

Noise & vibration

Some road noise is evident from the low-profile tires on optional 20-inch wheels, but there is very little engine noise at a cruise. Prod the throttle and the engine perks up nicely, augmented by the stereo. Wind noise is not an issue.


The M4 has a practical driving position and intuitive cabin. Rear-seat access and rear vision are acceptable considering this is a two-door. The interior is easy to live with on a daily basis.

Ease of use

Logical and well-laid-out cabin controls make the M4's interior easy to use. The iDrive screen is large, bright and crisp, as are the simple gauges. Climate controls consist of temperature knobs and buttons for the rest. Limited brightwork prevents distracting reflections.

Getting in/getting out

Being based on a sedan has its benefits. The door openings are easy to navigate gracefully. The stepover height is low, and the seat is higher than in a sports car. The backseat access is a bit more awkward, of course, but not bad as coupes go.


This is a larger car than you might guess. The ample width allows plenty of shoulder and elbow room in front. Without the sunroof, headroom is no problem for 6-footers. In back, kids fit fine and adults will be OK on short trips.


Forward and side visibility are good, thanks to the relatively upright seating position and greenhouse. As with most modern cars, there are large blind spots at the rear roof pillars, and the deck is high-ish.


Excellent fit and finish defines the M4's cabin. Cabin controls and features move smoothly and with precision. Materials are rich and appear to have been chosen to minimize distraction. The mixed-material seats are unusual but very effective.


There's enough space inside this coupe for four passengers, but cabin storage isn't very impressive. There are a few large door pockets, but the center console is shallow and the glovebox tiny. The split backseat, which folds, is nice, and should help with loading a set of golf clubs or skis.

Consumer reviews

Read what other owners think about the 2018 BMW M4.

Overall Consumer Rating

Most helpful consumer reviews

Best Performance Vehicle
O. Cahill,12/21/2017
M4 with Competition Package and M Performance Exhaust is a beast. I have read many blogs and reviews but mostly everyone is lying. You have to test drive M4 and hear it in person in order appreciate the car. Unfortunately, everyone has comments but no one actually owned M4 in order to give real review. I choose M4 over Mercedes C63s AMG, Audi RS4/RS5 and Porsche 911 GTS. I test drove all 5 cars and went with M4 Competition Package. M4 is a wild car and whoever is driving M cars has different feeling. Its like do not mess with M cars. AMGs, RSs and 911s are more like settle and decent and calm but not wild. M4 has a different vibe and BMW drivers are famous for many wild things on the road such as never giving signal while changing lanes, being aggressive drivers, speeding, so on. At the end of the day, choose M4 over its competitors and you won't be sorry. It has sound, power, torque, luxury where its needed. Satisfaction guaranteed :)
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2018 BMW M4 videos

[MUSIC PLAYING] CARLOS LAGO: This is the 2018 BMW M4. It's got the competition package, which means it has 444 horsepower. We're going to do an acceleration run, which should be a bit of fun, considering you have that power, a rear drive car, and a six speed manual. Now, we'd like to start by doing what we call the key up run. Assume you had just turned the car on, let it warm, up and jumped on the gas, and found out what would happen. That's what testing is, after all. I have got to key up settings on. So comfort everything, from the steering, to the suspension, to the gas pedal. And I think I mentioned the stability control too. Let's go with a 2800 RPM launch. So a little bit of slip before stability control comes on. This 3 liter straight or V6, to a straight-six. Ha. You saw that. This test track we're doing the acceleration run on has a few bumps. The bumps are apparently big enough to trigger the stability control. That could be interesting. So for run number two, I'm going to put the gas pedal aggressiveness in sport. I'm going to put the dampers in the sport plus to see how they do with those bumps that we're hitting. And I'm going to put the steering in sport, because why not. I'm feeling sporty. Stability control and trash control are now completely off. We'll go with let's say a 2,300 RPM launch. And we'll come off the clutch quickly instead of sidestepping it. Very quick, very quick car. You've got to take your time with the shifter. You can't do it too quick. A little rubbery with the feel. Though, I kind of like it. It's a classical BMW feel. The rear end of this car when it gets a big bump, there's so much power going to those tires that it feels like it's almost about to lose traction. It doesn't. It stays straight and true. But I've got to say, it's surprising at how loose that rear end can feel under straight acceleration. OK. Here we go. Run number three. We're going to see if we can bump up the RPMs a little bit and get a smoother launch out of the car. There we go. Bump one. You've got to consider that where I'm hitting the bumps on the straightaway are always right at the top of the gear. So like at 7,400 RPM, 7,300 RPM, there's that bump. And that's when the engine's doing peak power, I think. It may be doing peak power a lot lower at the engine speed. A lot of power are going to those rear tires when the rear axle gets that bump. I wish it was a little bit better controlled. Run number four. Here we go. Yes. Yeah. A little bit of wheel spin right at the top. I I think I was a little too high on the engine speed right there. I've got to say, for a car with this much power going to the rear wheels, with a traditional six speed manual layout, it's not a too difficult of a car to launch. The motor rips. I've said that before, but it's worth repeating. This thing has a ton of power. It sounds really good at high RPMs and not so great at low RPMs. It's kind of hard to fault it over power delivery. I just wish the rear end was a little bit more buttoned down. So that's going to wrap up this episode of how to accelerate your BMW M4. If you like what you saw, keep watching here at YouTube/edmunds. And also visit edmunds.com for all your car shopping, research, and buying needs.

2018 BMW M4 Competition Package Acceleration Test

Edmunds Senior Writer Carlos Lago tests the acceleration of the 2018 BMW M4 equipped with the Competition package. Though pricey, this option package comes with a bunch of worthwhile upgrades, including lighter forged wheels and revised steering, suspension, differential and stability control settings. The engine output rises to 444 horsepower, and BMW says this newfound power helps shave 0.1 second off the M4's 0-60 mph acceleration time. Our test track is the perfect place to validate that claim.

Features & Specs

17 city / 25 hwy
Seats 4
6-speed manual
425 hp @ 5500 rpm
See all 2018 BMW M4 features & specs


Our experts’ favorite M4 safety features:

BMW Assist
Protects you with stolen-vehicle recovery and provides collision notification services for post-accident safety. It's standard equipment.
Side and Top View Cameras
Gives you a 360-degree view around the car while you park so you can keep your M4 scratch-free.
Parking Assistant
Parks the car for you, whether the spot is parallel or perpendicular.

BMW M4 vs. the competition

2018 BMW M4

2018 BMW M4

2018 Audi S5

2018 Audi S5

BMW M4 vs. Audi S5

The freshly redesigned Audi S5 is an interesting alternative to the BMW M4's dominance over the segment. It's not as quick (or as expensive), and its use use of all-wheel-drive gives a different feel than you get in the rear-wheel-drive M4. But in terms of luxury and driving excitement, the Audi S5 goes toe to toe with the BMW.

Compare BMW M4 & Audi S5 features

BMW M4 vs. Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Mercedes has stepped up its high-performance game in recent years, and a great example is the AMG C63. This top-end C-Class is offered as a sedan, coupe or convertible and boasts a turbocharged V8 good for 469 hp, or 503 hp with the upgraded C63 S version. You get more power out of the C63, but the M4 has a slight edge in handling precision.

Compare BMW M4 & Mercedes-Benz C-Class features

BMW M4 vs. Porsche 911

Like the BMW M4, the Porsche 911 is a legend — but it's an expensive one. The base model 911 costs nearly as much as a fully loaded M4, and though it's certainly enjoyable to drive, you'll need to spend a lot more money to approach a properly optioned M4's level of performance.

Compare BMW M4 & Porsche 911 features

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2018 BMW M4 2D Coupe 3.0L 6-Cylinder Turbocharged DOHC RWD Automatic Alpine****Options Include:, BMW Individual High-Gloss Shadow Line, Brake assist, Competition Package, Competition Package (7MA), Electronic Stability Control, M Competition Package, Navigation System, Wheels: 20 x 9 Front & 20 x 10 Rear.Please don t hesitate to call 571-620-5546 and ask for Ed Han or email 247 @ ed.Han@sterlingroyce.edealerhub.com he will be able to answer any and all questions!Factory MSRP: $81,285*Please Note: Our best available offer and APR for this vehicle are displayed. All conditions subject to credit approval, please contact BMW of Sterling for qualification requirements. All pricing is plus tax, tags, dealer processing fee ($599). Pricing includes all rebates and incentives if applicable. Some rebatesincentives are only available through BMW Financial (or other financial institution) and may not be utilized if customer pays cash andor chooses to finance with any other lender or bank. See center for complete details. While we make every effort to ensure he date listed here is correct, there may be instances where rebates, incentives, options or vehicle features may be listed incorrectly as we get data from multiple data sources. Final price must be verified by management. Please contact dealer to verify payment, price, options-etc prior to purchase. Dealer cannot be held liable for omissions, errors or prior sale. Picture may not represent actual vehicle (Options, colors, trim and body style may vary). Specifications, features, safety and warranty data are based on what is available as standard specsfeatures per trim level, for designed model-year and may not apply to vehicles with added packages or options. All vehicles are subject to prior sale. Dealer installed options additional. Vehicles may be in-transit to dealer. Please call to confirm status.

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Is the BMW M4 a good car?

The M4 achieves a balance that few cars in its class can manage. It offers sporting performance, luxurious accommodations and a comfortable ride, all in the same vehicle. Though BMW offers several performance enhancements for the M4, all versions share these common strengths. Our few complaints are minor ones. Being a two-door limits its usability, with awkward backseat access and limited trunk room. The M4's steering, though sharp and precise, doesn't offer enough feedback (especially compared to steering in past M3 coupes), and the enhanced engine sounds developed by the M4's stereo system are no substitute for the real thing.

Does the BMW M4 have good MPG?

EPA fuel economy rating for the M4 Coupe is 20 mpg combined (17 city/25 highway with the manual transmission and 17 city/24 highway with the automatic transmission). Opting for the extra horsepower of the Competition Package does not change the EPA's estimated fuel economy. The M4 convertible gets the same fuel economy as the coupe with a manual transmission. But fuel economy drops to 19 mpg combined (16 city/22 highway) with the automatic transmission.

Does the BMW M4 have good resale value?

If you're ready to buy, you're probably wondering about the BMW M4's resale value. How much will a 2018 BMW M4 be worth in two or five years — or whenever you decide to sell? Check out the Edmunds True Cost to Own (TCO) calculator. It includes projected annual depreciation over the first five years of ownership based on Edmunds' robust market transaction data.

True Cost to Own calculator

More about the 2018 BMW M4
2018 BMW M4 Overview

The 2018 BMW M4 is offered in the following submodels: M4 Coupe, M4 Convertible. Available styles include 2dr Coupe (3.0L 6cyl Turbo 6M), and 2dr Convertible (3.0L 6cyl Turbo 6M).

What do people think of the 2018 BMW M4?

Consumer ratings and reviews are also available for the 2018 BMW M4 and all its trim types. Overall, Edmunds users rate the 2018 M4 5 on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Edmunds consumer reviews allow users to sift through aggregated consumer reviews to understand what other drivers are saying about any vehicle in our database. Detailed rating breakdowns (including performance, comfort, value, interior, exterior design, build quality, and reliability) are available as well to provide shoppers with a comprehensive understanding of why customers like the 2018 M4.

Edmunds Expert Reviews

Edmunds experts have compiled a robust series of ratings and reviews for the 2018 BMW M4 and all model years in our database. Our rich content includes expert reviews and recommendations for the 2018 M4 featuring deep dives into trim levels and features, performance, mpg, safety, interior, and driving. Edmunds also offers expert ratings, road test and performance data, long-term road tests, first-drive reviews, video reviews and more.

Edmunds Scorecard

Overall7.3 / 10


8.0 / 10

Acceleration9.0 / 10
Braking9.0 / 10
Steering7.5 / 10
Handling7.5 / 10
Drivability8.5 / 10


7.0 / 10

Seat comfort8.5 / 10
Ride comfort7.5 / 10
Noise & vibration5.5 / 10
Climate control6.5 / 10


7.5 / 10

Ease of use7.0 / 10
Getting in/getting out6.5 / 10
Driving position9.0 / 10
Roominess8.0 / 10
Visibility7.0 / 10
Quality7.5 / 10


6.5 / 10

Small-item storage6.5 / 10
Cargo space7.0 / 10
Our Review Process

This review was written by a member of Edmunds' editorial team of expert car reviewers. Our team drives every car you can buy. We put the vehicles through rigorous testing, evaluating how they drive and comparing them in detail to their competitors.

We're also regular people like you, so we pay attention to all the different ways people use their cars every day. We want to know if there's enough room for our families and our weekend gear and whether or not our favorite drink fits in the cupholder. Our editors want to help you make the best decision on a car that fits your life.

What's a good price for a New 2018 BMW M4?
2018 BMW M4 2dr Coupe (3.0L 6cyl Turbo 6M)

The 2018 BMW M4 2dr Coupe (3.0L 6cyl Turbo 6M) can be purchased for less than the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (aka MSRP) of $91,735. The average price paid for a new 2018 BMW M4 2dr Coupe (3.0L 6cyl Turbo 6M) is trending $1,000 below the manufacturer’s MSRP.

Edmunds members save an average of $1,000 by getting upfront special offers. The estimated special offer price in your area is$90,735.

The average savings for the 2018 BMW M4 2dr Coupe (3.0L 6cyl Turbo 6M) is1.1% below the MSRP.

Available Inventory:

We are showing 1 2018 BMW M4 2dr Coupe (3.0L 6cyl Turbo 6M) vehicle(s) available in the in the Ashburnarea.

Which 2018 BMW M4s are available in my area?

Shop Edmunds' car, SUV, and truck listings of over 6 million vehicles to find a cheap new, used, or certified pre-owned (CPO) 2018 BMW M4 for sale near. There are currently 8 new 2018 M4s listed for sale in your area, with list prices as low as $79,435 and mileage as low as 2 miles. Simply research the type of car you're interested in and then select a car from our massive database to find cheap vehicles for sale near you. Once you have identified a used vehicle you're interested in, check the Carfax and Autocheck vehicle history reports, read dealer reviews, and find out what other owners paid for the 2018 BMW M4. Then select Edmunds special offers, perks, deals, and incentives to contact the dealer of your choice and save up to $1,000 on a used or CPO 2018 M4 available from a dealership near you.

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Should I lease or buy a 2018 BMW M4?

Is it better to lease or buy a car? Ask most people and they'll probably tell you that car buying is the way to go. And from a financial perspective, it's true, provided you're willing to make higher monthly payments, pay off the loan in full and keep the car for a few years. Leasing, on the other hand, can be a less expensive option on a month-to-month basis. It's also good if you're someone who likes to drive a new car every three years or so.

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