2012 BMW 6 Series - Edmunds Ratings

2012 BMW 6 Series 650i (4.4L V8 Twin-turbo 6-speed Manual)
Date Driven: 11/17/2011
Performance Although the 650i coupe offers impressive acceleration, it's not a car known for its outright quickness or speed. We had trouble with the clutch in our test car. Quicker acceleration should be expected.
Driving Dynamics Adjustable suspension and sticky tires give the 650i coupe the ability to produce respectable handling numbers. The coupe's structure is far more composed than the convertible.
Ride Comfort Adjustable suspension will produce a very comfortable ride, but the softest setting is best utilized on the freeway. Drive it in Comfort mode around town and you will inevitably find the bump stops on occasion.
Quietness The 650i coupe ranks in the top tier of cars we've tested for quietness. It's a still and composed environment inside.
Ergonomics The 650i coupe's seats are hugely adjustable. There's ample adjustment here to fit nearly any body type or size. Otherwise, control positioning is good. As with any car this feature-rich, some learning is involved.
Visibility Rear-quarter visibility isn't good. A long C-pillar makes this view awkward. The shape of this car's body doesn't lend itself to good visibility with narrow, long glass areas.
Seat Access & Space Headroom and legroom are quite good up front in the 650i coupe, but shoulder room is below average. Forget about sitting in the rear seat if you're an adult.
Cargo & Storage Don't buy a 650i coupe for cargo or storage space. It's better than the convertible version, but it's still a large car outside and a small car inside.
Build Quality As a high-end BMW, the 650 coupe enjoys both high-quality materials and solid assembly.

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