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Best car I've ever had

Justin Fontaine, 05/24/2010
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I've had the privilege of owning/leasing BMW's ( 5 series ) a couple of 911's and a Mercedes S class and I have to say that this A8 is tops for performance, class, reliability and most of all individuality. In LA there are thousands of S Class and 7 series. I can honestly say I've not seen one other dark blue short wheelbase A8 with the performance 20" wheels in 3 years of driving here. The car is special in every way. The handling for a large sedan is spectacular due to the aluminum body and quattro. The fit and finish inside of the amaretto interior are awesome. Power is smooth and refined. Great Bose system. Biggest issue will be whether or not to buy it after the lease! Not one problem

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120K miles retrospective

boyracer3, 12/07/2014
L quattro 4dr Sedan AWD (4.2L 8cyl 6A)
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Finally retired my 8 a few months ago. Absolutely beautiful car. Loved driving it. And still miss it greatly. The expense of repairs quickly exceeded the residual value of the car. The car was very reliable and honestly the issues that I had with it were worn part maintenance issues. But items like the suspension repairs @110K for $7400. Other small issues for another $7500 soon followed. $15K for a car I then traded for $12K. But I did get a new S7 so obviously I still think they are great cars. Really had no problems at all until 100K. I don't really think Audi's are that expensive to maintain, either, nothing like Porsche or BMW in my experience.

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Best Luxury Value

Jerry R, 02/20/2010
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After selling my 06 A8L I realized what a wonderful car it was and found an 07 A8L with an MSRP of $90K, with 12k miles for $50K. New was out of the question due to initial loss. These cars are an absolute remarkable value (used). I don't know how Audi is able to get the mileage out of a 4000+ lb. car with all wheel drive. Both comfort and performance are unsurpassed. B & O radio is a must . Rear seat leg room is better than a new Rolls- Royce Ghost @ $300K, and anyone who rides in it (who doesn't know Audi) is amazed.

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40k-110k review

boyracer3, 01/20/2013
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Bought a preowned A8L '07 a couple of years ago. Have put 70K on car since. It has been remarkably reliable. The build quality is excellent. I don't get the gas mileage it promised unless driving over 70. I have all service done at dealership, and have been very surprised at the low cost of maintenance, and the quality of service. Had a new A4 in '07, hated it, swore I'd never buy Audi again, got bad service. Bought the 8 because I needed big and 4WD. Expected many of the same problems I had with the 4, but it is a much better car. And I think Audi is a much better car maker and has made huge efforts to improve customer satisfaction.

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Fantastic Car..

J Montana, 05/26/2010
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This car has it all. Looks, performance and there are not many on the road. Every other car in LA is a 7 series or S550. This is one amazing car. Tight , great motor, short wheelbase handles great. Bose stereo is more than adequate.

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Truly fine automobile

swissman564, 01/28/2012
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I bought my '07 A8L a year ago at Tyson's Audi in Virginia. It had 61,000 miles on it and although it looked practically showroom new in every way, I was a bit worried about spending serious money on a 4-yr old car with that many miles. My worries have been laid to rest 20K miles later. I have owned 4 BMW's (7, 5, and 3 Series) and one Benz. I never liked the Benz but loved all of my BMW's and never thought I could appreciate a car more than a BMW. The 1st time I laid eyes on this car I fell in love with the looks. Mechanically, fit & finish and handling, this is the Ubermachine from Germany. Simple as that. No use enumerating it all. Enough said. I'm in love.

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4th and best Audi

Capt John, 12/24/2007
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My black on black A8L is built like a bank vault, is quiet except when accelerating, when it has a nice little throaty tone. I've had an A6 2.7 which was fun; still have an A6 4.2, (2002) which is still solid and fun to drive. I had a 2006 A8L, which was great, but the 07 car is even better. It is understated, sumptuous, quick, and solid. Everything one could want.

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All around best daily driver.

Sold on Audi, 04/25/2009
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The Audi A8 Sport is one of the most aesthetically pleasing cars I have ever seen. The real surprise however is the combination of ride, quiet and predictable handling in all conditions with high limits for a vehicle of this size and class. I expected competence, but I was surprised by the "fun to drive" aspects of this car. The longer I have owned the vehicle, the better it gets. I drove the MB, Jaguar, BMW and Lexus - there was no question before I purchased the car which one I preferred - but I am even more convinced now that I have more than 14,000 miles on the vehicle and continue to explore its capabilities. I hope Audi doesn't change much before I am ready for my next one!

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What can be finer?

Carl R, 02/09/2007
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I love this car! After driving a Jaguar for 3 years I was able to see the difference with my first test drive. This car is wonderful. The fit and finish is second to none. The drive is terrific and the quality of the leather and wood cannot be matched, other then perhaps a Rolls Royce. The power is great and the looks equate to understated elegence. Every two or three years I purchase or lease a different type of luxury vehicle. I truly believe from now on I will always purchase an Audi. It's a great car!

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Your luxury car has arrived

blkhemi, 07/15/2006
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This car is what luxury cars are all about. The interior fit/finish is second to no car on earth. The exterior design is flawless, even the grille is growing on me. The incredible power of the W-12 powertrain is nothing short of amazing. The ride and handling balance is perhaps best in class. I absolutely love it.

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