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Great Sporty Luxury Affordable Car

Timothy M. Crawford, 09/07/2005
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I (like many others!) needed a car w/ better mileage. I traded my 2000 Dakota PU for this. What a great car! It is fun to drive. It's sporty and quick. I love the Sequential shifter. I can play when I want, or just let it ride fully automatic. I took a road trip over a 800 miles and NOT ONCE did I ever feel uncomfortable. The leather seats wrap around you and make you feel very secure. I had just about all accessories put on this car and it was still a bargain! It looks great and is good on mileage. 2 major plusses...It is; 1....highly rated by consumers reports, and 2 it is an ACURA. Nuf said...Try to find an 05 now!

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Adrenaline Rush

Nauman, 09/21/2005
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as far as performance is concerned, its got more then enough for any stupid ticket your trying to get. after 3k revs this car jumps to life like nothing else. stock/ it will hang with v8's. i have just under 8k on mine, no mods except the subs, and no real racing experience. this car managed to pull me out of a deadly situation on the highway at over 120mph. it also destroyed countless red light revvers. has gotten an otherwise ordinary man tons of attention. and has people wondering what my hurry is. if you wanna know what a cheap thrill really is, go out and get one of these bad boys...

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Thumbs up!

DJHonda84, 10/17/2005
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My previous car was a Mazda MX-5 Miata. I enjoyed it a lot, however due to the need of more passenger and cargo room, I had to replace it. I wanted something that sacrificed as little of the driving experience I had grown accustomed to as possible. I wanted something with two-doors, 4-seat minimum, light-weight, sport-tuned suspension, decent cargo room and fuel economy. I chose the RSX for many reasons. It satisfied the criteria listed above, I had a good ownership experience of a Honda in the past, and the styling fit me. I chose the type-S trim for the same reason anyone else would chose it: more power and tighter suspension than the base model.

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sunkist, 05/13/2006
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i like my car, its fun to drive.

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Used Acura

robertbaseball, 09/08/2011
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So i'm a new driver and i just bought a 2005 AcuraRSX as my first car. I've driven other cars and the engine noise isen't so loud. Is it just my car or is it just a noisy car? Other than that i love it! Leather seats but very sporty bucket seats. Interior is a little plain but has plenty of room to add an indash navigation system which will do soon. Plenty of horse power even in the non S type. Great car!!

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